Gen 3.5 - cost to replace TB, seals, etc at dealer or good shop


Hi, I'm considering making an offer on a gen 3.5 Montero and I want to see how much I need to budget for all the preventive maintenance - the car has around 90K miles but no history of maintenance. Drives great and has no leaks.
I don't have the tools, skills and a garage so I'll have have someone else do it for me. I want to replace all the "typical" components: TB, water pump, belts, seals, fluids etc. using OEM parts.
From all the reading I've been doing here it looks to me that the parts alone would be around $800. What should I expect for labor at a Mitsu dealer and at an independent good shop?

I'm in Orange County so if any skilled member here wants to make me an offer to do the work I would love to go that route, help with the changes and learn in the process.

Thank you!


I got a quote from the Mitsu dealership on Harbor Blvd. in Costa Mesa and they wanted $1200/$1300 for a full timing belt,water pump job. If you read some of the top end refresh/ rebuild threads here you will see a lot of details that should be done that probably won't get done as part of a regular dealer job. Someone with Montero specific skills would be a good choice. I can't recommend anyone for that job based on firsthand experience but Orange County Off road at 17871 Sampson Lane, HB has done my transmission flush, filter and fill with Mitsu OEM parts and it was perfect. I got in touch with Pete there from a write up here on ExPo. The other ExPo member has been coming here with 2 of his Monteros and has been happy. He can do general maintenance and suspension. If you order OEM parts get them here for good savings: OEMMITSUBISHIPARTS.COM
Good luck.


Rock auto has most of the parts you need. The only OEM part I sources was the tensioner. Most everything else is available aftermarket by good manufactures.

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