gen 3 3.8 P0335, P0340 after timing belt and valve cover gaskets, ECU? Or?


P0335 crank position sensor circuit fault and P0340 cam position sensor circuit faults now after a timing belt job
its a 2003 3.8 Full size montero. idles perfect, no sign that the belt jumped a tooth. Been through the grounds and connectors and cant see anything. reading up says both together at the same time leads to a wiring issue or ground issue but I cant see anything.

Had to spend alot of effort degreasing and cleaning the engine as well as flushing the cooling system. I did have the intake off to replace the valve cover gasket as well. I kept the harness relatively dry and no oil in any of the plugs.

has anyone ever had this before? it comes on pretty quick then the tractio control and abs cut out too. both codes pop at the exact same time so im reasonably certain that the sensors are fine.

do the engine control modules swap without having to program? i can swap from my 2006 if so. shouldnt be much if any difference between them. enough to test.

I have the PDF manual but am having a hard time locating the harness location page, to try to find splice joint and connector locations.

needing some help. Thanks


Are the connectors the same? Perhaps the crank sensor connector is plugged into the cam sensor?

Strange that it idled good with those error though.


All connectors are different and plugged in correctly. Both sensors share a splice joint somewhere to the same
Pin at the Ecu.

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This same exact thing happened with my 2.5 except it happened when i was driving and there was a stutter. I immediately did a timing belt interval since I was unsure of it previously being done. Haven't had the codes again. I also replaced both my cam and crank sensors. Seemed fishy to me and a divine sign to go ahead and do the timing belt so I had record of it. I'm sure you've cleaned the two connectors. I'm not sure but does the plenum on the 3.8 have to come off like the 3.5 to do the valve cover? If so maybe unplug and plug everything back in again just for safe measure


Yes the plenum came off. All the connectors are good and dry. And correct. Checked the ground at the connector and it seems ok.

It idles and starts fine, revvs fine too. Light comes on as soon as you drive down the street. Also kicks in the tearoom control /stability and abs lights.

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