Gen 2 Reverse LEDs / Cheap & Easy

Just replaced the factory reverse lamps with these LED's and they turned out good and were super easy. Just Heighten the factory opening 3/8" or so, drill new bolt holes, circuit into existing wiring, and VOILA! You can now see behind you.




Nice little upgrade, I run the same lights, these little cheapo 20-35watt chinese LED's are plenty good additions to the stock lighting of these trucks, easy to install and no additional voltage draw with much higher Luminous efficacy. I run 30 watt flush mounts in the rear bumper like you have and 30 watt cubes wired to the factory fogs, these lights are actually slightly brighter than OEM low beams. Once the front cubes are properly adjusted they do not glare in the eyes of oncoming traffic and can be run at all times. The nice thing is they're about $20-30 a pair, I've been running mine for 2 years now and if they died tomorrow, I wouldnt harbor any ill feeling toward them for what I paid for them.


Mitsubishi Loyalist
I did this mod a couple weeks ago...just need to wire them up but waiting to wire them along with whatever decision of brand I want to go with additional light on the upper half of my Montero. I have JDM lights so I wired my backup lights to the actual spot on the JDM taillights for the backup lights.