Gen 2.5 Hood won't pop and is stuck shut


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I can't get my hood to pop. There is tension on the cable so I know it hasn't snapped and I can hear it at the hood end when I have someone else pull the handle. I've tried hitting the hood right above the latch while someone else pulls the release handle, PB Blaster, and trying to trigger the release through both the grill and from underneath. The release seems to be pretty well shrouded. I think my next step is to try to remove the steel cable protector to see if that gives me access to release I haven't been able to get it off yet but I think maybe I can do it with a flex/ratcheting wrench. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


The release pull handle is held in place by two bolts if I remember correctly, you should be able to remove the bolts to pull on it a bit more, hopefully it just stretched enough to keep you from opening it. Just make sure you adjust it before closing the hood again.


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Well, I pulled much harder than I was comfortable with and it finally released. I cleaned it out and set the bumpers slightly higher. It seems to be working now. I also found a fairly large seed in the area and I'm wondering if it was jammed in the release and causing the problem.
If it happens again, you should be able to get to the release through the grill, in an emergency, you could knock a hole in the grill to access the release.


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Most all my cars I have added a Stainless wire from the lever on the latch over to the left side of the hood. I have formed a loop that can be reached/ fished out from over the headlight. Living where the state treats us like ass with the destructive chemicals they force us to drive in makes this a must.