Gen 1 Horn relay-where is it?

As mentioned. looking for horn relay. on gen1 . horn blaring, stuck on, when connected.

Have any others of you had this experience?

funny story, In the Santa Rosas in Northern Nevada, I was slipping past the ranch house on a BLM road or a county road that connects to the blm land, it was snowing and really messy and slippery. I had waited till dusk to get past town, as i had been leary of my whereabouts being discovered. I did not know well the boundaries between private and public land. So to camp i was being a bit stealthy, trying to NOT attract attention. so i'm rolling through private ground on this public 2 track, and- that damned horn sticks right in front of the ranch house. blaring to beat hell. wont silence itself so of course i had to stop and disconnect my horn manually.
blew my cover completely..ha ha so much for stealth
Why not just fix the horn? Gen 1 trucks are going on 30 years old. Most likely, the foam that separates the contacts in the steering wheel has collapsed. Get some double sided foam tape and a screwdriver. Unscrew the pad from the steering wheel. There are two plates that are separated by some foam. Clean up the old foam. Cut some new foam. Then put everything back together.
uummm, well fixing the horn is what i'm all about.

thank you for the response; however, what i am experiencing is a stuck relay. the horn button has nothing to do with my problem.
truth be told im using a grant wheel and have been for a number of years.
the factory wheel leaves room for improvement.
and my horn works fine, just fine, the problem is that it works when i do not want it all the time. again this is a stuck relay
so being the lazy fool that i am and after a google search that gave me everything i needed to know about a 2001 model ....I thought to ask thee hands here who might have some experience in locating the beastly little devil

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So according to alldata, there is no relay, steering wheel grounds the circuit, markgramlich is probably on to something with the steering wheel needing some TLC.
wouldnt that be something....

ive got the grant wheel, with a pretty simple horn button and have looked inside but will look again. will report back if you guys are right all along
easy to get to as the horn button is staring at my ugly mug all day.
might also explain why i cant find the relay.
might also be a good time to rehab the horn system with a relay, them add some voltage sucking, ear shattering, goshamighty, toot toots
let em have it!!!
a great bigift apology to all of was my horn button at fault.
required all of 3 seconds to diagnose.
pull button, ground wire, wake up neighbors. that simple, so all of my snotty, smarmy backtalk, I apologize for , right here and now.

the grant button, upon inspecton leaves much to be improved upon.


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Hey, at least it was easy and you fixed it, right?
No apologies necessary either, live and learn right up to the end!
Glad you got it.