Gelandewagen Enthusiast's Survey

Indiana Drew

"Hello all you G-Wagon enthusiasts owners present, past, and future. With the recurring threat/hint from Mercedes Benz every few years or so regarding discontinuing the G-Wagon. I thought the 30th anniversary of the G event would be a good time for us as a group to speak up and tell Mercedes that we are dedicated to the G and want to see it hang around for another 30 years. And since we will have representatives from the United States and beyond in Graz for the event, I felt that we could present MB with a little something that helps to profess our dedication.

What we are proposing is that we put together a list of all the G-wagon owners and enthusiasts past, present and future to let Mercedes know that the G has quite a following and take the opportunity to express our desire for them to provide additional versions of the G that we would like to see here in the US as well as requests from those in other countries. SWBs, Diesels, pickups, cabriolets, 461s, etc...

This list will not have addresses (other than the country of origin) only owners names, vehicles owned past, present and future, requests for specific versions of the G etc...

I will take this information and bind it into a nice format for one of our group to present to the higher ups at the Graz celebration.

Now whether Mercedes listens or not I am not sure but I think it would be worth the effort.


Mark (Inkblotz)"

Thanks for getting this started Mark! Here are my two cents and the link:

As has been discussed, here is the link to the survey. Even though the survey will stay up indefinitely, the first place the data is intended for use is in Graz. The countdown timer is as of this posting, so take the survey soon!
Survey Link
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