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Hey guys,

New guy here living in Colorado with a 2019 F250 6.7 crew cab with 6 3/4 bed. I went with the F250 for future camper towing capability and payload. Could a F150 work for me?.....maybe but with the mountains here I figured why not play it safe. When I go on trips I have my dirtbike or dirtbike and ATV. So far here's what I have to get me through our next trip to Moab next month:
- Swapped stock OEM 20" for 18" Method NV HD with 35x12.5x18 Goodyear Duratracs. What a huge improvement in ride and traction.
- iKamper Skycamp 2.0 RTT. I looked extensively and this seemed to be the best of both worlds when it comes between hardtop and softtop. Most hardtops don't have much room and soft tops...well have a soft top and I don't plan on removing the RTT much if at all.
- Rhino Rack over the crew cab. The ONLY rack for the F250 that doesn't require drilling holes in the roof.

The reason i'm starting with the iKamper RTT over the cab is ability to transport a dirt bike and/or ATV in the bed the same time that the RTT is there. I'll be looking at Leitner or possibly other options that would allow dirt bike height under a RTT. The stock Leitner height won't work but i've seen mounts that raise the bar height.

Other things i'll be looking into:
- Suspension upgrade to Fox w/res for obvious reasons. Possibly Carli 2.5 backcountry as I don't want a big lift.
- Quick Pitch or similar privacy room for toilet and shower
- Mounting system for eccotemp shower (possibly in Leitner gear pod)
- Battery / Solar for heated mattress, eccotemp shower, and lights
- Air Compressor mount

I've seen some great info here so far. Looking forward to figuring all of this out over time. Pic is before the RTT and rack.


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I have the Carli 3 inch 2.5 Pin Top with full leafs and control arms and love the on road ride and off road at speeds is smooth and works great on the slow stuff as well. I want to upgrade to 3.0 Kings front and rear with the triple bypass on the rears as well.
Just installed Rhino Rack Pioneer and iKamper RTT. The Rhino Rack Pioneer is the only rack that doesn't require drilling holes. It actually re-uses bolts that are under the roof/door seamIMG_1290.JPGIMG_1292.JPGIMG_1293.JPGIMG_1295.JPG. I realize the overhang looks odd but I also didn't want it overhanging the front. The structure of the tent rails in the base makes it so that the overhang doesn't matter. I'm looking at getting the Leitner ACS which will make more pleasing to the eye.
I really like the cab mounted rooftop tent idea. I just got a goofy idea if you got a large family you could just about fit two of those things. Double up for twice the fun
Definitely could have two! Not a crazy idea at all. Keep the kids in one and mom n dad in the other! Currently the bed is to transport dirt bikes which are too high for cabs etc.

Moab in a few weeks so I’ll have an update soon on some other necessities
I don't think it looks too bad. I mean after all you put a roof top tent on the roof. Looks unique on a truck, as most images I've seen they are on rails in the bed.

You got it. Most think the support is the entire base but there are two rails on the tent. Looks odd but no difference in structure.


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Looks great! Did you notice a big difference in wind noise in the cab after mounting it? Does your truck have active noise cancellation? I was wondering how much an ANC system would mask the noise to the cab.
Looks great! Did you notice a big difference in wind noise in the cab after mounting it? Does your truck have active noise cancellation? I was wondering how much an ANC system would mask the noise to the cab.

There’s some wind noise between 30-40mph. I’m guessing due to the tight clearance between the rack and tent so I’m looking into mounting a wind fairing to direct the air over the tent. The tent manufacturer iKamper makes one so I’m looking to try that.

Super fun trip this past weekend in Moab. RTT worked great going 90mph on I70 in Utah. I did put a wind deflector in which removed wind noise entirely. Next on the list I think is the Leitner Rack with gear pods so unpacking/packing isn't such a chore. Idea is keep gear in the gear pods while we camp.
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