Gazelle tents--how do they do in wind and rain?


I like the idea of this, I have a lot of experience with hub style pop-up hunting blinds and ice fishing shelters. This looks like the exact same concept. Just like with anything in life, you are going to make some comprises somewhere. While these hub designs pop out quickly and set up fast, the near vertical walls are not going to do as well in high winds as something like a geodesic dome. I've had several times in an ice fishing shelter, where a sudden high speed gust collapses a side hub in. I've also come back to my hunting blind after a severe thunderstorm ( I had, at least I thought, securely staked it out at all corners and guy lines on all walls) only to find it collapsed and flapping in the wind.
Overall, I think this tent looks great, and serves a specific "mission" well, and thats likely somewhat fair-weather outings, where speed to set up is desired. However, if you anticipate high winds and bad weather often, I'd probably look elsewhere. Keep in mind, my experience is NOT with this specific tent, but with the same hub style designs.


My brother has the Gazelle and yes it is a quick out of the bag and set up unit.....I have a Kodiak Canvas. Which one would I choose for inclement weather, well I already made my choice. The Gazelle is fine for weekend fair weather camping but I'll take a Kodiak Canvas over it any day or week for serious mountain high altitude or anticipated low country inclement weather worry free camping. I can have the Kodiak up in 10 minutes and will have a restful worry free sleep. Depends on the odds of what you think your chances are for serious inclement weather. Go for a serious tent or a casual convenient tent. Only you can make that decision in the end.
Recently, I was looking into buying a Gazelle or Shiftpod, but ended up going with the slightly more cumbersome Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow and really couldn't be more pleased. It's definitely more of a chore to put up, but once up I am certain it will stay that way. I say "chore", but that is all relative to the individual and their use case. For us, it serves as my office outside of the Airstream and is up at least one week at a time, though it will serve as our tent for deeper excursions away from the camper. I enjoy the 10-minute process of setting it up, especially when I can zip down the 10-inch lag bolts I use as stakes. I do still think the Gazelle is a fine choice, but it ended up being not quite the right choice for me. Still glad to have seen this post in making my own decision!