Gasoline parking heaters?

Anyone using one? Especially interested if it's one of the cheap Chinese ones.

Considering one for a build I'm doing on a gasoline vehicle, would need to work at high altitude, and draw from the vehicle tank.

Kind of a neat idea type thing, not a necessity, hence the desire for a low cost option.


Good luck with the high altitude, if you get an answer from them or actually try it, let us know.

Buy two so you have parts.

Better IMO to save your pennies and get the genuine article from a vendor that offers good customer support, before and after.


Webasto et al in Germany make them. Not seen a Chinese one.
I have a diesel Webasto that provides central heating, hot water and engine pre heating, but I also have a diesel truck. :)
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Those Chinese heaters are a hit and miss. With diesel you at least run a low risk with accidental fires. Different story with gasoline.


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The gasoline parking heaters aren't a fire risk honestly. The combustion chamber is isolated, they have overtemp protection as well. The fuel pump is only capable of pumping around 200ml per hour.

Obviously do some testing first, but I have seen a couple examples where the diesel heaters will run fine on gasoline. The only major differences are the glow plug time, and the initial ramp up on ignition. Once the fuel vaporizes, it behaves the same way in the burner, and the burners are usually identical between the two fuels. Just make sure there is nothing in the path of the exhaust that's flammable, as with any of these heaters there is a small chance of embers getting blown out.
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If the US Military cant even get diesel heaters to not leak in multimillion dollar vehicles, (seriously, I have never seen a Diesel heater that worked and did not leak) I certainly would not trust my life with a cheap Chinese Gasoline version.

I cheap out when I feel its acceptable, but to me.... this is just not worth the risk. A single O-Ring or seal failure would cause instant disaster.


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These forced air heaters are a different design. The combustion chamber is completely isolated by solid aluminum from the cabin. The fuel lines and pump are all external to the cabin as well. The only way for fuel to enter would be a perforation of the aluminum casting (never of heard or seen one), or possibly if the exhaust is completely blocked some leakage past a gasket. Since the fuel pump is a dosing pump under no pressure, even cutting a fuel line will only result in a tablespoon of fuel over a start cycle, before the heater locks out.



As in "parking heaters" the topic of the thread.

Not the dozens of other types of propulsion-fuel burning heaters out there.


Many users of the cheap chinese units find the model they're knocked off from, and upfit or replace as needed with much better quality parts from the original brand. Mostly Planar? Which I think mostly copied Espar?

Facebook groups are dedicated to the topic.