Gas can kill.


I see so many people that carry gas outside the protection of the frame and role bars/ cages of their vehicles. When two tons or more of vehicle is rolling on top of those fuel containers they are no match and then you are covered in gas.

But then again, no one ever rolls over ?


I feel like of all the dangers involved with off-road travel this is pretty low on the list. Though it was pretty hilarious to see the bad run of exploded Rotopax a couple years ago😂

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Most older i.e. pre-2000 era rigs have no way to stop fuel from running out on a rollover, some have fuel pump shutoff switches for oil pressure or inertia but that didn't stop fuel from coming out in a rollover so why the big worry about externally mounted cans?
I don't understand all the worry about this kind of crap or the need for all the government mandated nanny crap that keeps running up the cost of new vehicles because most of it is totally unnecessary IF the driver has any common sense, which is a dying trait I know but some of the world still has common sense, I know when I get a flat tire, need to watch where I am going in reverse and don't need my doors to lock automatically for me so I definitely am not going to worry about jerry cans rupturing!


Low on the list until it happens.

It's at the top of my list.

Again, most people will never roll their vehicle, or so they think.

In sixty plus years of off roading I've seen more than my share of death. It's my observation in this new classification of camping called "overland ". I see fuel carried in dangerous ways.

I'm just trying to help others think about what they are doing.


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Can someone invent an additive that "senses" that it's a rollover or some sort of shock and deploys something to make the fuel into non-combustible? I mean if Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress........


I understand a jeep, small SUV, and such. Who wants that inside their vehicle? I get that. Finding a place for another fuel tank within the confines of the underside of a vehicle is a challenge for some for sure.

Enough said.

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I'm not telling anyone what to do. Only a observation.
Agreed. After surviving a very severe rear ending yrs ago I still look in my rear view mirror to this day. If a gas can had been hanging off the rear I can't imagine the consequences.