Garmin Overlander- Problems


I bought the Garmin Overlander at Expo West in May, waited for release date
Now that I've had it a few months I hate it.
I've spent over 4 1/2 hours on the phone talking to their customer service people that 80% of the ones I've talked to do not know anything about the unit. That's not counting time spent on line talking to CS people and watching their YouTube videos on how it works.
I have built/created routes using basecamp,mapsource saved as a .gpx file and imported into I have also tried to make routes on the explore.garmin site (which is a huge PIA to do)
Once they are imported into explore.garmin and synced with the Overlander it will not follow the route I created, it skips waypoints, reroutes me a different way I laid the route out to follow.
What is a 9 hr drive from my house to Mexico the unit recreated a route taking me over 12 hrs if I had blindly followed it.
When I create routes for multi-day trips, 2 days up to 2 months I make separate routes for each day, name them to keep them in order as they are needed/used. but this new gps bunches the routes up into one huge crazy route making it un-usable.
Now Garmin is telling me the Overlander is NOT compatible with routes created on Basecamp.
But I was told all my saved routes & tracks for the last 10 years would be usable with the Overlander.
I have found this to be a huge POS, I have tried to get it to work and have missed the 30 day window for a refund from the retailer I bought it from.
I know how to create routes using Garmin basecamp & mapsouce and transfer into my Nuvi gps which works great. I've used it from Mexico to Alaska and never had an issue.
Any other Garmin Overlander users having issues ?

Best use I've found for the Overlander so far.


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Same issues here.
Importing or creating routes from tracks is not working..
Can't understand why Garmin can't make a decent navigation system for 4x4 purpose.
Some free Phone apps do a much better job.
Hopefully garmin comes with an update.

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Because all they care about is their subscriptions and selling map updates.

Sell that POS, buy an iPad mini, a RAM mount and Gaia and you are done.
Plus, you have a tablet you can use for other things anytime you want.

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