Garmin has finally "Garmin'd" Delorme InReach plans


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Sounds like a good excuse to get out more and have a reason to use your 14 bucks a month. Often I’ll use the inReach (even if I do have a little service) to let my wife know where I’m at. Been in bad situations both with and without. I’ll continue to keep mine activated year round.

Andy Douglass

New member
I've almost bought an InReach several times starting before Garmin bought them when a float plane pilot in Fairbanks recommended them to me. When it was Delorme, the subscriptions were simple, but out of my financial comfort zone at that time. Now I could afford any of the Garmin plans but I have backed out of buying one when I start feeling like I'm getting carney'd.

My non-expert opinion is that they would have a much larger market if they made the subscriptions less painful than a root canal.

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