GAP Diagnostic– new products / IIDTool update announcement 12/2013


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IIDTool Features and Functionality updates

Hi Everyone!

We have been working very hard to finish some large development projects – and we wanted to take the opportunity to make some major product and update announcements: the IIDTool will be receiving updates with some bigger changes in coming updates - and we will be introducing the IIDTool Pro.

The IIDTool provides excellent functionality when compared with any diagnostic tool on the market – and still we provide this at the lowest cost of any system available to Land Rover owners. Period. From fault codes to service routines to CCF to flashing – the IIDTool will cover all options.

We will continue to provide updates as smaller items are improved or expanded upon, but in general, all relevant functions are already now available – including CCF functions.

There are several additional update announcements that we are very excited about. Specifically:

  • • Changes in the VIN Lock on all IIDTools – for all IIDTools from beginning on with the update to FW Ver. 2.19

    • New apps designed especially for the iPad with much enhanced functionality. We will provide Android support, but we will concentrate on rolling out the iOS and USB controller apps first. The basic Android app is already available on google Play (all that is needed is for google to fully support bluetooth gen. 4)

    • CCF editing – the IIDTool BT (Bluetooth) in conjunction with the iPad app is by far the most efficient way of editing the CCF offered by any diagnostic tool.

    • Windows and Mac controller apps via USB, making us one of the only (if not the only) diagnostic system manufacturer to support all major OS: iOS, Android, Windows, and OSx. This goes for the Update tool as well: Windows and Mac are already supported.

    • Support for earlier Land Rover models – one thing missing from our product portfolio is support earlier LR vehicles. In addition to the later vehicles in preparation, in the coming months we will be adding the D2, FL1, and TD5 Defender.
To try to keep this large amount of information as clear and easy to read as possible, we will be posting details to each of the above bullets and additional general information on our products and support in separate posts below:

- 1st post: Intro
- 2nd post:IIDTool Pro Product Announcement
- 3rd post: VIN Lock
- 4th post: New iOS / Tablet / PC App
- 5th post: CCF editing functions for the IIDTool BT and IIDTool Pro
- 6th post: Windows / Mac controller apps
- 7th post: Support for earlier and later model vehicles
- 8th post: Our Commitment

We sincerely invite comments and critique from all forum users – especially those who are well versed in the use of other diagnostic systems. It is our goal to provide the best product end-to-end: from sales, to price, to functionality, to support, to updates and additional services: we are committed to our customers!

EDIT: sorry about the large pics. Will resize tomorrow...
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IIDTool Pro Product Announcement

We are very pleased to announce the coming introduction of the IIDTool Pro*. This Land Rover diagnostic tool offers full professional functionality with many additional advantages in speed, ease of use, and advanced functions.

The IIDTool Pro covers CAN bus as well as earlier vehicles* with, logging, backups and restore functions.

Highlights in professional use include:
  • • Speed: the stand-alone diagnostic system provides all commonly used diagnostic functionality much more quickly than any PC based system - even to accomplish complex tasks like CCF editing and ECU reflashing. It also includes all functions included in the Land Rover service dongles in one device with quick links. Just as fast and easy to use as the single purpose dongles but much more capable.

    • Simplicity: It automates everything that can be automated and relieves the user of most of the complexity involves. For example, file resolution necessary for reflashing ecu's will be handled automatically. And on a hardware level it does not get much easier. Plug in, open the app, tap to connect and use. Done.

    • Logging: fault history, live values, etc logged with the option to export via email, printer, or readily available file formats

    • Flexibility in interfaces: can be controlled using the vehicle’s switchgear and displays (integrated interface – pat pending), an iOS / Android device, or a Windows / Mac computer. The new iOS app will bring a complete new world of possibilities.

    • Portability: simply plug in and use; can be used in a back lot or even a stranded customer systems offering much less

    • All models on the same unit, VIN unlimited.

    • Fast updates: simply download and install the GAP Updater program and connect the IIDTool via USB. The Updater program automatically connects to our database and provides options when a new FW is available. Make the choice and click. With good internet connectivity the IIDTool is ready to go in 2 to 3 minutes.
Vehicle coverage-

  • • L322 - Range Rover
    • L320 - Range Rover Sport
    • L319 - LR3/Discovery 3
    • L319 - LR4/Discovery 4
In the coming months:
  • • L359 - LR2/Freelander 2
    • L538 - Evoque
    • L316 - Defender
    • L405 - Range Rover
    • L494 - Range Rover Sport
    • Defender
    • Freelander 1
    • Discovery 2
With many hundreds of units in service for nearly two years, the ease of use of our system and reliability of our hardware has been effectively proven. And our customers rave about our support

We are very confident that we have an extremely effective product that can provide significant increases in workshop service efficiency – even as a complement to IDS/SDD. Its multiple interface capability can increase the use of service information provided by TOPIx as well - thus increasing the quality of service and streamlining service / workshop management.

*Beta in January, launch March 2014. Please contact us if interested in becoming a beta user. support at gap – diagnostic dotcom



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VIN Lock

With the additional functionality and vehicle coverage the IIDTool will be providing, we have decided to change the way the IIDTool VIN Lock is handled.

We are separating the diagnostic functionality into two categories: standard functions and enhanced functions.

The standard functions will include all regular diagnostic functions:
  • • fault read / clear
    • live values
    • control outputs
    • service / test functions
Enhanced functions will include everything else:
  • • Component and system calibration (SAS, EAS)
    • CCF editing
    • ECU flashing
    • Advanced functions including backup / restore, save profiles
    • Convenience features (A new concept that will be disclosed a bit later)
All standard functions will not be VIN locked. Enhanced functions will remain VIN locked. Additional VIN licenses will continue to be available at nominal cost.

This means that, for the regular IIDTool all standard, unlocked diagnostic functions will be available for the specific model vehicle that the IIDTool covers (early 02-05 L322, D3, D4, etc.)

The standard, unlocked diagnostic functions for the IIDTool BT (Bluetooth) will cover ALL Land Rover models / years that we provide coverage for. Enhanced functions will remain VIN locked. Once again, tho, additional VIN licenses are available at nominal cost. Enhanced functions will cover all Land Rover models as well; meaning that a D3 IIDTool BT can have VIN Locked enhanced functions added for a L322 RR. Owners of 2 different models of Land Rover can have full functionality on multiple vehicles for the cost of an additional license(s).

These features will become available to all IIDTool users, present and future, with the update to firmware version 2.19*.

*The unlock for all Land Rover models for the IIDTool BT will become available with introduction of the IIDTool Pro.

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New iOS / Tablet / PC app

We are very proud of our new app for the IIDTool BT (bluetooth) that is designed make the most of the additional display space offered by an iPad – but it can even be used on an iPhone. Our present smartphone apps are designed to provide a simple alternative to the integrated interface for vehicles without the appropriate switchgear or displays while the new iOS app is designed to make navigation within the functions as easy and fast as possible while simultaneously providing a maximum in information. We try to make the most of the very high quality displays these devices offer both in terms of resolution and color / contrast. We are busy working on additional platforms as well; Win and Mac via USB and Android (though it will still take some time before the Android app is at this level).

Highlights include:
  • • Near instant boot. Connect - ready to work.
    • Navigation fields containing large portions of the menu tree or CCF options to allow simple browsing
    • Quick links to service functions and enhanced diagnostic functions
    • Large numerical and color graphical display of up to four live values simultaneously at a maximum rate of 16 samples per seconds. Many advanced logging functions including:
    • easily adjustable data resolution – pinch and zoom to go from larger units to smaller units or examine details in a graph
    • pan forward and backwards by simply sliding the graph in the desired direction
    • compare and check multiple values simultaneously by overlaying curves and adjusting scales to suit
    • data can be saved and exported for future records
    • Triggers mark on graph added easily with a push of a cruise button during a drive cycle to helps trap the moment of a problem occurence.
    • The most advanced, most easy to use method of editing CCF data in the vehicle’s current state – not ‘as built’. Automatic back-ups and restore functions included
The app will provide a level of comfort, detail, and security to the use of the IIDTool that is revolutionary in automotive diagnostics. And this is only the first version. We have much more planned. :)

We will strive to make this the very best Land Rover diagnostic system on the market – bar none: The fastest, most powerful, easiest to use, and most fail-proof system.

With the best support possible.


Read Fault

Live Values


Live Values



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CCF editing functions for the IIDTool BT and IIDTool Pro

In conjunction with an iOS / Tablet device running our upcoming IIDControl 2.0, the IIDTool’s bluetooth interface offers the best CCF editing experience. Our goal is to make CCF editing quick and easy – even for users without a strong technical background.

Our philosophy regarding CCF options has always been somewhat different: though we already offer an immense number of options (see Functionality Chart at, we may not include every possible option immediately. We do not want frustrated users to be lead to believe that they can change all sorts of options on their vehicle – despite the fact that the system to be changed is not installed on the vehicle or the change options are not even applicable for the vehicle in question.

We also strive to have the function of every CCF option we offer in the IIDTool confirmed by our own testing or by trial through selected beta testers. And when someone requests a CCF option which is not yet present, we add this (if at all possible) and immediately test it before including it in the next generally available update. We are coming to the end of this process for all the vehicles we presently cover. Nearly every viable CCF option should already be included. And if it is not, let us know and we will add it.

Of course, the standard IIDTool also has all viable CCF options available for that particular vehicle model. The options can be navigated using the standard integrated interface or the Windows controller app

What we are extremely proud of, though, is the CCF editing method. In our opinion, this offers the most advanced CCF editing options available for Land Rover in any diagnostic system.

The functions are as follows:
  • • The vehicle is identified with available ECUs, SW levels, config, etc.
    • The current CCF is read and displayed as highlighted items over the possible CCF changes (based on avail ECUs, etc)..
    • Changes to the CCF are made and displayed as highlighted items in a different color
    • Changes are applied and confirmed
    • This method allows changes made previously to the CCF to be kept - w/o having to be redone
Our goal is to make the process as quick, easy, and foolproof as possible. And we believe we have succeeded.





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Windows / Mac controller apps

While we already offer our update tool program for Windows and Mac, we will now offer both Windows and Mac controller apps via USB. While we will continue to focus on the iPad / Android tablet apps due to their flexibility, portability, and versatility, the Windows / Mac controller apps will add an extremely robust, inexpensive base level user interface. In time we will increase functionality here as well.

Updater for Mac



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Support for earlier and later model vehicles

In order to create a comprehensive Pro tool, we will be providing comprehensive coverage. The L405, L494 ,TD5 and Puma Defender, FL1, FL2, and D2 are coming.

More info here in a bit...


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Our Commitment

As a company, we are young, fast, and eager. And all of us are enthusiasts - we are all Land Rover enthusiasts and we are extremely enthusiastic about our products. We will strive to make the best products, provide the best, most comprehensive functions (tested!), and provide the best possible support.

We have a record of providing excellent service and we will not let up here.

From purchasing, to updates, to functionality and use, to support: it is our goal to provide the best end-to-end experience in Land Rover diagnostics!

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Nice job. Looking forward to trying out the new versions.

A few questions from a (slightly overwhelmed) owner of 'the other tool'...How does Gap handle the flashing files? Are they on your site for download? Do you maintain old versions to go back to, if needed? Do they have any info about the running changes made to them, or just non-descriptive Land Rover numbers that may indicate newer versions?

Way-way-out wish list: Some sort of developer software to add new functions ("apps") to the factory touchscreen. Maybe even an IIDTool "in-dash" interface.


Any idea on the availability of the D2 (weeks, months)? I'll be watching closely...very interested.

Outstanding work gentlemen!

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Expedition Leader
Wow! I no longer own a Land Rover, but I have a strong desire to buy an IID tool! Your efforts in product developement sound fantastic. Well done!

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LOL - thanks Nathan! Now that is a compliment; no LR but would like an IIDTool.

Red Rock, we are working as quickly as possible but 3 months+ away at minimum. If you'd like, you can become a beta for the D2. Please send us a mail to support at gap – diagnostic dotcom and let us know the year and model of your LR (please reiterate D2 so that we know where to place you) and when the SW becomes avail, we will contact you.