Galley Kitchen to Fit In Short Bed Decked Drawer

Located in 95451 North SF Bay
I have a 5.5 foot long 21 inch wide drawer Decked system galley kitchen. It is self contained with a 6 gallon water tank, drain, pump, hose/hand sprayer and automatic kill switch. The switch makes it impossible for the system to run when the drawer is closed. All welded stainless steel.
I designed this to fit in the decked in the back of my van but am making some big changes and need the storage back.
It’s available for sale $400 (as long as you are willing to include your unmodified drawer in the deal) $700 if you want to keep your old Drawer
All marine grade fittings.

Feel free to ask any questions. This is a tough one to properly describe and categorize.

I spoke to Decked and was told this would fit any 5.5’ Short Bed "Wide" style drawer.



So is this a DIY project you made, or did you purchase this from an aftermarket source?

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I also have a lightly used GSI Pinnacle Pro that fits perfectly in the drawer that I will include for an additional $200. Retail on these stoves is $300 ish including the storage bag and propane hose (and they are back ordered indefinitely.)