Gaia Mexico Topo Layer


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I am not sure if this is new or I just missed it but I don't think it existed when I was last in Mexico. Kind of stupidly it is hiding under the 'United States' selection of maps so it would be hard to intuitively find. I stumbled across it looking for something else. Has lots more info than the other Mexico options. Definitely check it out if you are going to Mexico.



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Very cool. Don't forget to download before heading off the grid right?

This is another nice backup to my GPS, and the new Benchmark Baja Atlas including Benchmark on Avenza. Of course have to mention the discontinued Baja Baja Almanac with a compass.
Wonder how many tiles you can download at one time? Will have to play around with it. I've used the NatGeo Baja layer and it's not bad. They do have a limit on tile downloads so it took a lot of work to download the entire peninsula.

Here's a comparison of the Guerrero Negro area

NatGeo Baja layer
GN - NatGeo Baja Layer.JPG

Mexico Topo layer
GN - Mexico Topo Layer.JPG