GAIA Issue


OK I am stumped. I am a long time GAIA user and feel very comfortable with the tool. I got a new Android phone and just installed GAIA. I try and login and it says Incorrect password. I have tried the same login on two different computers, works fine, no issues. I even tried logging in on chrome on my phone, logs in no problem. I have uninstalled GAIA and reinstalled. I even uninstalled and restarted, no luck.

I have submitted a question on GAIA's site but wanted to see if anyone here had the same issue.

Anyone run into this?


Definitely sounds odd. Assume you are certain that the email address entered before the password is the same? If you are a premium member you can call them - rarely get a tech immediately, but I find leaving a voice mail can get a response quicker than email. Unfortunately, you may be out of luck due to the long weekend coming up, but worth a try.



Active member
Maybe trying the "forgot your password" link? Then reset your password and use it for all of your devices after logging out from them all first.

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