Gaia App and Route Creating


I am mapping out a route for my upcoming Alaska trip. Is there a way to create a route using a snap to road feature? Yes there is, however is there a way to within that route have it map between two way points in a straight line?


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When you're creating the route, on the bottom left corner click MODE and select STRAIGHT LINE.


I tried that. IT however seems to apply to the "route" between all waypoints not just selected ones. That is prob the best I will get though. Thank you.

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It may be too late for you, but I have accomplished the straight line segments within a snap to road route by intentionally adding an additional point that is far enough off the road so that it does not snap. This has been useful to push through unconnected intersections and areas where the snap routing was not to my liking.


I believe in Gaia only certain maps allow for snap to road. Have you tried switching to a different map for the straight parts?

Are you creating the route on tablet or online?

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