G500 CD changer / battery swap


I'd not been able to find a picture of this before I started, so for anyone else here's what it looks like on mine. MBUSA G's have the CD-changer in the left rear position, an auxiliary battery does fit there (like it's meant to, because it is), with a little room for a fuse box.

CD changer:

Battery (in my case MTX-48/H6):


Note: it helps to have a local mechanic's computer convince the G's computer to stop looking for a CD changer, because it will never stop complaining otherwise. (y)


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Great Mod, thanks for sharing! Will definitely reference this when I go down that road in the future. Denver area? What local mechanic are you using to make computer changes if you don't mind me asking? Need someone to change the diff settings to help with my larger tires and the ESP.