G500 as first overland vehicle?

Hi all.

I am looking at a used 2002 G500 with around 60k miles on it. I test drove it, and besides a mechanical whir in the steering wheel, everything seemed to be very nice.

Here is the link: https://denver.craigslist.org/ctd/d/2002-mercedes-benz-class-g500/6597967272.html

This would be my first overland build, I have some work cranking on NA miatas, so I am not totally inept, just mostly inept.

My question is, how does a G500 compare expense wise to a new Tacoma/Wrangler/4 Runner for the following:

1: Expense of building an overland rig
2: Expense of Maitanance
3: Reliability

Most importantly, would you recommend this as a first rig?

I live in Denver, so I think some climbing is unavoidable. Additionally I would like to hit MOAB, and some western deserts.

Thanks for your help!
I went down a similar but not exactly the same route.

ExPo build base advise diesel - G vs. G55 vs. G500

Summarily it isn't a bad vehicle to get if you are aware of what needs to be fixed and attend to it. I drove quite a few Gs and Toyotas before settling for my G. I love diesels and initially I had written off the idea of getting a diesel G which could also double as a a daily driver. But thanks to some timely advice by the forum members here I am in the process of importing a G300TD. Clean ones are a but hard to come by but can be found.

The G500 is actually a better vehicle, especially on road, but guzzles gas and the range suffers. My goal is to get at least 500 mile range on a tank full without jerry cans. That's the one main reason I went diesel. Pre MB USA Gs are simpler with no electronic nannies and relatively isolated electronic systems (per my desk research) so they are relatively easier to diy. Keep a look out for good Europa Gs

Dutch, Otiswesty, Vadim and AlanMcR are great resources to learn about G wagens before you take the plunge. Also do check out pointedthree and clubgwagen forums for more focussed research.

Good luck!!

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It depends on how deep your pockets are. Gs are amazing. I’ve only had newer ones offroad, and want one bad. But that said, as a first rig, I’d consider a Tacoma or Land Cruiser in a serious way as well. They will be a much more forgiving platform to cut your teeth on.

That said, if you LOVE the G, then just go for it!
I put 40K on our 02 G500 without any issues, sold at 90K. Stay on top of PM and its not really too bad. The 5L engine is very common and fairly old technology so its easy to work on. Some of the G specific forums have a ton of DIY info, with some members here being great resources as well. Was wonderful off road, good manners, andnever needed more than maxtrax to get unstuck with the lockers Mileage was only slightly less than a 2015 Tundra, 15 vs 13. I live at about 2500 feet and work at 0 so plenty of climbing in the commute.
Only negative is the MB computer needed for in-depth stuff. Find an indy shop use some G specific online vendors and its not much more than domestic or asian stuff.