G-Wagen Images: Feel the love


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Latest project from THOR Motorworks.
This the first round for this 2002 G500 with G10 forged wheels, 305/70-17 BFG KM2 tires, VTS Rockmeister rock rails and aluminum skid plate, Offroad rear bumper, front tow pin bumper with Viking Winch, Front Runner Roof rack and lights, 30mm suspension lift and Front Runner drawers.


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Here is a really interesting and rare G-wagen. This is one of only a handful in the US, its a 1993 500GE which is a 5 Liter V8 and was used as a test case to introduce V8's to the G-wagen lineup. My understanding is these only came with rear lockers for some reason which is unusual for G-wagens. They had steering wheels with part wood part leather that was not standard until later as well as numerous details that varied from the base 6 cyl and diesel models at the time. Its something of an evolutionary link between the early W463's to the US spec G500's.


No problems at all. The traction on the slick rock, contrary to the name, is excellent.

I have since replaced the stock tires and plan on rerouting the exhaust, etc., in an effort to gain additional ground clearance.