FYI - Stolen Delica from Bend, OR / '92 L300 Diesel Chamonix w/CO Plates


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Just saw this on the Delica forum and thought I'd post to spread the word:

I'm sure everyone here can empathize with how much it would/does suck having a vehicle stolen and they're unique enough that most Mitsubishi drivers take notice when they see one.

The owner seems to be @ntromolino on IG and Nico Romo on FB, here's his original posting:

Hi all,

Unfortunately my van was stolen yesterday from the Bend, Oregon area and I know there’s a few Deica folks out here in the PNW so I am asking everyone to please keep your eyes out for my van.

It is a 92’ L300 Chamonix with Colorado plates... I’m posting some photos here to save a long description, but some easily recognizable features are the silver mirror window tints, big black safari rack with a solar panel on the front and a Thule roof box on the driver side (RH). Theres one of Xplormor ‘s side ladders as well.

I was living out of it so it has many irreplaceable well a brand new D4BF, needless to say I am heartbroken so any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !


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Easy rig to spot on the road.
You'd think so, except in/around Bend. When I first saw this post, I assumed this was the Chamonix a friend of mine had owned and sold last year. I had to pull up his IG account and A/B the photos for about 2 minutes to be sure that it was a different van! His was almost identical, save for the roof rack and one additional pair of lights on the front. Even then, these could have been "post sale" changes. I was down to looking at how the handles on the rear drawer cabinets were positioned to convince myself it was a different van.

(None of this helps the owner of the stolen van, it was mostly about whether or not I pinged my friend to tell him his previous rig had been stolen from the new owner.)