FWC Worth It? Insight Appreciated!


Take a look at the Northstar campers, good construction and been doing it a long time. I have had campers for 20 years and i have only taken a shower twice inside. I have taken hundreds outside though. The cassette toilet is a necessity though.


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I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I have some related questions as I’m considering a Fleet shell with the furnace, stove and the couch, but I’m undecided if I’d later regret not also having at least the water tank and sink (which would also require their 3-way fridge)?

One: About the FWC hot water heater, I had read another comment that an owner regretted it. They said that it takes a lot of propane to heat the six gallons of water, and they just preferred other methods to shower. So do you have to heat the entire six-gallon tank on the FWC water heater? (My wife and I are use to sharing a 2-gallon solar bag that I usually just add hot water too.)

Two: Any opinions of the FWC fridges vs. using a top opening compressor fridge? (I currently own a Snomaster.)

Three: How about solar? Would you get solar on the roof, and/or would you get the second battery?

Thanks as well.
Solar worth it if you are a tech junkie.

Hot water heater totally worth it...its my favorite accessory. Gives you an extra 6 gallons over normal water tank...doesn't use that much propane if you manage it right. I heat water in the morning then turn off and it will stay hot enough even in cold weather to have warm to hot water at night.

3 way fridge is good I can keep 2 weeks of rations in it. But I have had some trouble with the igniter and modified it. I only use DC while driving and only cool enough to keep things cool until the next stop. I prefer the 3way over just DC. But opinions vary on this. You'll want solar if you go DC only.


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I have an FWC Fleet with water heater and toilet (wife’s request). The water heater does not take a lot of gas to run. There are times I also like the extra water along although I can most often refill from a stream with my water filter. We hike and I regularly use the outdoor shower after hikes and works well. I went used which was like new at almost exactly 1/2 the price of new. I would have gone with ATC or FWC but nothing else. I wanted light as well as durable and these two brands were ones that were both available used and proven to hold up. If you drive almost always on pavement then it would be different. Even with airing down on rough roads and trails 6 ply tires and beefier suspension for the camper makes it ride rougher and I just would not trust anything but a welded frame. Staples and glue just don’t hold up to much abuse.


When I started looking at pop up truck campers, it seemed like FWC and ATC were the only "off-road" worthy ones, aluminum, welded frames, light weight, etc. So my wife and I went and rented a FWC Grandby flatbed and toured Utah in February where it got down to 4 degrees near Bryce. We had a great time and confirmed that we would truly enjoy traveling by camper. But we also learned we wished it had more insulation and better build materials on the inside compared to a Hallmark we had checked out previously. In the end, I determined there are and have been plenty of people traveling very happily off-pavement in their Hallmarks, Northstars, Bundutec, and even more in FWC so I broadened my search and happily decided on a Hallmark Guanella.

Inside shower - If you're doing a lot of winter traveling where it'd be too cold to setup outside, maybe give it a bit more consideration
Toilet - we have decided to only set up an emergency/night time setup for the night time. Like some of the others, we don't see the appeal of taking care of business in such a small space but recognize its necessary sometimes.
Hot water heater - ours didn't come with it but I wish it had it (ignorant of how much propane it uses)

Good luck on your search and don't be hesitant to investigate other brands, they may be just as capable for your needs, or maybe not!

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If you travel in colder climate condensation is an issue. FWC and ATC are great for dry and warm weather but have much less insulation and lots of thermal bridges compared to other campers like Hallmark, Northstar or Overland Explorer.
Toilet: We have a Porta Potty for the night. In another camper we had a separate wet bath with shower and toilet. We loved it but you need at least a 8 ft. camper, preferably flat bed to have enough space for this. If you have an indoor shower it should be in a separate room with a door and its own ventilation to keep the moisture out of the camper.
Hot water: We have a Truma for hot water and heating and wouldn´t want to be without it. After a day of hiking nothing beats a warm shower even if it is an outside shower (our camper is too small for indoor shower).