FWC Eagle 2005 / Replacing Bedding Material + Ridge Issue


Hello all -

I recently picked up a well used 2005 Eagle. In order to improve comfort, I really need to replace the bedding material and was wondering if anyone has found a more suitable foam. The current material is very soft.

Also, when I slide out the bed, there's a ridge between the top piece that slides out and the lower piece, (maybe 3/4 - 1 inch). Has anyone found a solution to help eliminate this ridge?

Thanks everyone. If you're around Tahoe, enjoy the snow and stay safe.


I assume you have the 2" mattress that doubles over? If so you could consider going with a 4" mattress and just storing the slide out pieces behind your couch.

I converted my Hawk over to a kind size bed and do that, the ~1/2" gap cause by the slider isn't felt through 4" of mattress.

Jeff Wanamog

Off Road Camper Guy
try this

Check and see if both mattresses are the same thickness. Mine has two different thicknesses and the thinner one stays on the slide out. I just recently added two Thermarests and I absolutely love it now.

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I replaced my foam at buyfoam.com. The extra firm product is a nice improvement on the 2" mattress.


Looks like the person I bought my camper foam had replaced the original bedding with super soft memory foam??? I bought the extra firm from buyfoam.com and can't feel the ridge at all, (2 inch + a 2.5 inch). a major improvement from what I had originally. No more issues.

I cut the new bedding with a razor blade. Took about a minute to cut each piece.

Chuck Miller

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New member from Australia and part of this community now. I have just visited the given site and it is not offering bedding which is more comfortable than the normal one. Any other best solution to use layer of foam or like something else!
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