FWC...Any Discounts?


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I am curious...virtually all consumer products can be bought with some discount when new. I am thinking about a new FWC Raven model with select options. Anyone willing to share how much of a percentage discount they were able to negotiate on any FWC model? Thanks in advance!

bill harr

Both FWC and ATC are selling all they are making and have a wait to get one. I do not think you will find a discount on them. If you want one without waiting you are looking at used and they have been selling at a premium.

Good luck with your search.



Um, Im gonna say that you won't get a discount- if you buy in the winter the delivery will be faster and you might get more attention but a discount I have not heard of- sorry


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Oh Well....

Thanks for the candid input! I was wondering if I should even post the question as I know they are hard to come by with a relative long wait to order one and a used Raven is impossible to find! Oh well....like they say....you at least gotta ask! Thanks again!


Which Raven model are you interested in (hard side or popup)? You may want to post a WTB (want to buy) ad in the For Sale section of this Forum. Anyone looking to sell a lightly used FWC might spot it and solve your problem.