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Hi all,

First post - I've been lurking these forums for some time and I am amazed and inspired by all the incredible builds here, to the extent that I have decided that my future mobile lifestyle will include an overland camper. I have decided on going with a Fuso /camper box combination as that seems to be the most economical for a DIY build without sacrificing performance/comfort.

I am in the research/planning stage and have spent countless hours going through these forums trying to glean as much info as possible. There's so much here though that it makes my brain explode some days, but I am slogging through it :coffee: It's not always easy find as there are many tidbits of priceless knowledge scattered thoughout multiple posts, so I am hoping to get a bunch of questions answered here.

So I know finding a good used Fuso in North America is like finding a one-eyed unicorn, but I wanted to know (assuming I have a choice) what the best year would be. I went through the manuals and assembled relevant data into a table so I could see it all in one place and compare, but I need help making sense of these numbers from people that have experience with the Fuso's.

Weight ratingsGVWR/GCWR14050/21765 lb14050/21765 lb14050 / - lb14050/17045 lb14050/17045 lb12000/?14050/?
Body/PayloadEst. Max.8075 lb8065 lb7900 lb8015 lb8208 lb6255 lb8515 lb
Overall Length227.8"227.8"227.8"225"200.3/223.9"217.1"193.5/217/1"
EngineMax. Output161 hp @ 3400 rpm161 hp @ 3500 rpm161 hp @ 3500 rpm155 hp @ 2700 rpm147 hp @ 2700 rpm145 hp @ 2900 rpm145 hp @ 2900 rpm
Max. Torque295 lb-ft @ 1300 rpm295 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm295 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm347 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm347 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm275 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm275 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
Final reduction gearRatio (std/opt)5.285/5.7145.285/5.7145.285/5.7144.875 MT4.875 MT5.7145.714
Top speedStd/Opt86/80 mph86/80 mph80/76 mph68 mph68 mph??
Turning diameter44.2'44.2'44.2'46'37.7/(?)??

Model Years
  • Are there differences (build quality, etc) between models built within a certain year range, e.g. 2005-2007?
  • Are there any years that had notably poor or good build qualities?
Pre/Post EPA I've seen a lot of people recommending going with 2007 and earlier due to the pollution prevention required after that year. Is this a minor inconvenience due to the extra parts and additives required or are there other reasons to go with that?​

Weight ratings There seems to be a significant increase to GCWR after 2010 (could not find 2011-2012). I don't see myself towing, but are there other reasons that increase would be beneficial?

Wheelbase Earlier years show two values. Were there different models for those years?

Output and Torque Hard to compare as they used different metrics each year. Which years are the best?

Top speed Again, there is improvement after 2010. I have seen several posts talking about ways to increase (exhaust, chip, etc.) Do these improvements apply uniformly across all years or are gains achieved on later years diminished?

Mileage What is typical life of their engines? I know the stock answer is it depends on usage (plow vs. dump vs. box truck) and whole host of other factors - just looking for a ballpark.

Based on everything I've read so far, I'm thinking that the 2005-2007 range is the best compromise overall. If there are any other considerations I have missed, please let me know, it will help me greatly while I am scouring the internet for the right truck.


p.s. I see there are a few members here with Fuso's in BC. I am on the island and would love the opportunity to drop by and check out your rigs, pick your brains, etc. PM me if that's a possibility.


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I ended up zeroing in on the 2005-2007. I think over time the new ones will be the right choice again - but at this time there are still a lot of unanswered questions/concerns about the new motor and autoshift transmission, especially offroad.

If you intend going outside of NA then I think pre-ULSD is pretty much a requirement.


You might look at Isuzu NPR/NRR if you don't need 4x4. They have higher hp. and torque, but otherwise similar in style and driving.

A 2006 - 2007 Isuzu has 190hp and 387 lbs.-ft. of torque


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Thanks for collecting all of that information in one place. It'll be helpful for a lot of people.

I, too, think that your first decision point needs to be whether you'll be going where they don't have Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel. All the rest is negotiable, but that's pretty much a go/no-go sort of issue.


Great first post!

In response to the wheelbase question: yes there where two wheel bases offered. As far as I know the wheel base and resulting overall length and turning radius is the only difference. Mine is a 2005 SWB and the only downside is available bed length. My camper is 14' long and has been pointed out in this forum that is pushing the limits for overhang. I have not had any problems with that and the maneuverability of the truck is amaising. It is actually 4" shorter WB than a 4 door jeep wrangler and turns accordingly.

The challenge will be to find a good used Fuso of any vintage in western Canada or US. Most from the east coast have rust issues. I wasn't looking for a SWB but it was in good shape so I went for it. If I was starting the build today I would probably start fresh with a new chassis since I am most likely using it in North America.

Good luck!



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Thanks for putting that all in one table.
I'm sure you have found the Mitsubishi Literature webpage, but I'll put the link here for others so it is in the same thread.
I'd vote for a LWB 2005-2007 as the best one-eyed unicorn (mine is a LWB 2002 two eyed unicorn).
But as you have found, any FG is getting very hard to find. It used to be the commercial operators would replace their 2000 FG with a 2003. Then replace that 2003 with a 2006, etc. So used ones were available to 'us'.
But now with the advent of the Diesel ULSP and other emission add-ons, I believe 'they' are holding on to anything pre-2008
You can see it in the prices. I've seen older FGs (2002-2005) sell for more then their new out the door price.
I'm guessing it will not be too many more years before pre-2007 FGs start show up at the Barrett-Jackson auctions along with Porsches and Ferraris :sombrero:
As to your questions:
Model Years
I think the build quality (which is good) has stayed constant throughout the years.
Pre/Post EPA
The biggest problem is that ULSD is not available in many counties.
Weight ratings
Depended on transmission and/or wheelbase.
Pre-2010 long wheelbase manual was 14,050 lb
Any other was 12,000 lb
You can look at the wheel stubs, 6 = 14,050 lb, 5 = 12,000 lb
You would be safe to ask what the wheelbase is, 109.4 or 133.1 as most seller will get the model wrong.
Output and Torque
Your chart is accurate
Top speed
The 2005 and later had the benefit of a 4.875 ratio (as opposed to the earlier 5.714) so higher top speed with stock tires. The best way to get a higher top speed (or lower RPM at cruising speed, which was my goal) is to go with larger tires. I run 37” and cruse at 2200-2400 RPM at 50-55 MPH.
A few thread here on what people see in the real world here.
I thing MPG is most depended on terrain (hills kill it more then anything) and wind/drag depending on windspeed and your forward speed. Trying to move a big brick faster is a fuel problem for any truck.

From Doug Hackney's BEV build page (this would be for 2007 and prior): { http://www.hackneys.com/mitsu/index-specs.htm }
Turning Radius
112.6" 42.0 feet
136.2" 49.9 feet
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Hi from Canada. Reviving an old post as I'm considering buying a FG140 and trying to get a few extra details.

What year did they switch from the 4.9 to the 3.0? Is it the same year they moved to the auto transmission that has had a lot of issues and/or when they added the DEF? As well, when did they stop using the 2 speed transfer case?

Is there a big difference between the 3.0 and the 4.9L engines?

And anyone running WVO on their Fuso?

There's also the JDM 4x4 Canter option. Being from Canada I could import a 2007 or older. Now a different option would be the Doka. Never considered it before as the earlier versions didn't have the tilting cab but apparently they now do! The Doka would simplify my life as we are a family of 4 and could use extra seats!

Anyone knows from what year they have the tilting cab and what would be the maximum length of camper that could be mounted on the crew cab version?

I currently have an ambo and I really like how I built the habitat so I'd be very tempted to simply transfer the box to the new truck instead of starting all over... I've attached a picture to show what I'm referring to.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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What year did they switch from the 4.9 to the 3.0? Is it the same year they moved to the auto transmission...
The FG140/FG84 had the 4M50 4.9L engine. All models after that series had the 3.0L engine (FGB72/FGB71).
In the US the FGB72 only came with the Duonic automatic transmission, whereas in Australia the FGB71 came with a manual transmission
That change-over happened in 2010/11. It should also be noted that the first of the FGB71s that were released in Australia did not have a transfer case. The low range was back in late 2013.

As far as I know, doing a conversion to WVO is only possible on non common rail engines, so only the models before the 4.9L engine would be possible candidates.


We love our 2000 FG Short wheelbase. Incredibly maneuverable, very similar in performance both freeway speed and fuel economy to newer models that we have travelled with extensively. It has been absolutely reliable. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

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