Fuso Canter tyres recommandation


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Hi, just needed some recommendation for FGB71 Canter tyres, I have single tyres for the rear.

The "new" truck I have does not come with a spare wheel, so perhaps someone can point to a source of wheel supply in NSW would be great.



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be sure to get a tire with the right load rating.. we started with Toyo' rated at 124... replaced them when we finished the build and found them overloaded.. replaced them with patriots 131 load rating.. should have bought the patriots the first time round. as ski freak said, would help to know the rim size..

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Sorry guys, it was a remiss of me not to give more details.

I now have them, the tyres I have at the moment are TOYO 608Z 285/70R19.5. I am looking for a spare wheel possibly with either the same tire or a new type of ALL Terrain tyres better suited for touring into the outback. I previously used MT tyres on my Landcruisers, but this time, I thought AT will do as I am not looking at doing weekend rock climbing etc.

Any recommendation would be welcome.


I run Michelin XDE2+, 305/70R19.5 on the OKA on 8 1/4"wide rims although many run them on 7 1/2" rims OK. I expect yours are 8 1/4".
Huge load rating of 137 (3075kg at 115psi), all steel construction and bag out well in the sand.
I run them at around 60-65psi rear and 45psi front on the highway, depending on weight.
Cost a tad over $500 each (plus fitting), but I can get 80,000km and I believe they also provide fuel consumption savings.
I reckon they are the best choice.
This comes from Michelin data.
Tyre pressure chart.jpg
OKA196 motorhome