Fuso Brakes


Hey guys new to the forum,

Tried the search couldn't find anything...

I have a 1989 Fuso FE 4 cylinder, 5 speed 4x2. And its always had brake problems. When I got it the brakes didnt work at all. Put a new master cylinder in it and bled it. They work ok now, but to get good petal, you have to pump it a few times. Now i have noticed recently a small leak out of the pass. rear drum. Other than the leak could anything else be causing the brake issues.

Also where is the lift pump on the motor?



If you have fluid leaking out then you also have air leaking in. Deal with the leak before you do anything else. Re-bleed the brakes, and likely you will be good to go!



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It still sounds like air.....If you still can't get the air out after the leaks are fixed go to someone with a pressure bleeder. if the air is sitting high in the Fuso system we found that pressure bleeding was the only way to bleed properly.

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