Fully built out LMTV with habitat -- $40k


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Yea. Been for sale for 212 days. Cool rig for sure. Probably at 39K since he lowered it 10K, so it appears. Holding tanks look subject to freezing based on their location.
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"I built the truck for me to use in the desert. And travel with. Now I can't so its for sale. Thanks for your inquiry"

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He has it listed as a Class A motorhome. I think its closer to a Class B given it uses the cab and chassis of a vehicle.


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Interesting vehicle for someone. Not sure how well a black vehicle will do in the desert, but you can always fix that. From the photos it looks a competently done build.

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Which is why the $40k price tag is alarming. From the listing it seems like the trailer is included too! If it's legit then someone's going to get a great deal.
At GovPlanet you can get the truck for $6-8k and the trailer for under $2k so let's say $10k for the combo. That leaves $30k to build out the box and paint the truck and still break even selling it. Personally I think it's a tad overpriced for something that can only do 58 mph on flat ground (it's governed at that speed) and barely do 45 mph on a slight grade (pulling the trailer will drop both of those speeds). Having owned a LMTV and multiple other military vehicles I know they're great fun to play with as long as you don't have to drive any distance with one.
It's overpriced if you have the time/space/skill/tools to do the build yourself. I followed up with the seller and he said he got the truck for $20k, no major repairs needed/done only maintenance, $22k into the habitat - claims he put in 800 hours labor and this is is 6th build. He just turned 77 and got scared when it came time to actually start traveling alone. Who knows... could be true. Weird that he has that many builds under his belt and hasn't done any traveling though.

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If he paid $20k for the base truck he bought on the retail market and paid too much. I sold mine with new tires, new cargo cover, and air conditioning for $14k.