Full size spare WJ


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Hi all! I'd really like to carry a full size 265/75/r16 spare in/on my WJ, as I have an auto locker (Aussie) on the rear, and swapping a front wheel to the rear and putting the undersized spare on the front is an unappealing solution.


-It won't fit in the spare well
-The back compartment is already full of gear 24/7 (I like spontaneous trips)
-I would like to avoid a roof mounted spare for MPG and noise, however I already have a roof basket so it is a real possibility
-I carry a motorcycle on a hitch mounted carrier, so any rear mounted spare would have to work around that.

Thanks all! I've been thinking about this for weeks with no success...

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Comanche Scott

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There are complete rear bumpers with swing out carriers, and also a swing out carrier that mounts under the stock bumper cover.
The one that fits with the stock bumper, requires cutting the bumper cover.
A google search on "WJ Swing out tire carrier" will net you a lot of info.

Good luck! WJ is an awesome Jeep! :beer: