Full size long bed Callen camper


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I'm letting go of my extra tall Callen camper
It's in great shape although it has been used
It has a roof vent as well as an escape hatch
It has two side bunks that flip up out of the way and the cab over is also tall enough for sleeping
You can sleep three people in here
It's fully insulated and has openable rear windows as well as side windows that are also Openable and it has curtains for all windows

It was made specifically for a classic Chevy/GMC body long bed truck made between 1999 and 2007 but it will fit other trucks with similar size beds

This is what the turtle expedition folks started with and it's really hard to beat for durability

I am in the Los Angeles area if you want to have a look



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How tall are the sides from bed rail to top?
The interior is 47" above the bed rails. The exterior is about an 48-1/4" if you're concerned about clearances outside to fit in a garage or something. The vent and escape hatch protrude another 3-1/2" or so.
Feel free to PM me for a faster response to specific questions about the Callen.

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