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I’ve racked my brain about this quite a bit. On one hand, the very large dry and secure storage of a shell would be great. But there are always those instances where I need an open bed to move large cargo.
Option 1 was to look at an aluminum shell. Much lighter than fiberglass. But still a pain to take off and store.
Option 2 was Softopper. Offers the large dry storage but no security. And looked kind of cheesy.
Option 3 was a tonneau. Not as much storage but not bad. Secure as well. And very easily removable and stores in the corner of the garage. I ultimately settled on a tri-fold model. Wish there were a go go gadget shell. For now, a tonneau cover works.
I keep coming back to a bed cover as well, especially Diamondback or Highway Products due to how they operate and how easy they come out.

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The rack is a system 1. It’s an all aluminum contractor rack. The crossbar is removable. The dirt bikes load in nicely. I use the ratchet straps up on the rack to keep from compressing the bikes suspension.

The tires are Toyo in 285/75-18. They zapped a little power over stock. I wouldn’t want to go any bigger without stepping up the gear ratio. Sure wish 4.10 was an option from the factory.


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I ordered a Gator SFX tri fold to try out for my CCLB. Figured for $269 to my door it was a cheap way to decided if I like a bed cover versus a couple Gs on a Diamondback. Reviews look promising. If I get a couple years out of I’ll be sold on the concept.

I do like the Highway Products cover as the rear half can be folded completely forward and strapped down


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Just transitioned over from the Landcruiser world. Currently stock all around. Just placed order on Carli Suspension. Plans to convert the rear to a flatbed and get a FWC. Then Trail ready bumper, Snorkel (?), and who knows what else. Strange coming from a market where mods are endless when it comes to pre-fab where with the 2nd gen you have to make everything. HA.

-i tried to add a photo

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Dang those are fancy! I used to see you occasionally around SD, but we never met.

Post up a pic when you get them installed. You still running the kore coils?

Yes,the Kore's are still in there. Thuren made me the deal of the century on his but they were just too soft for my tastes. Too much body lean up front with the camper. He even revalved the Kings for me. They worked super well in southern Utah off highway but constant steering correction on the road. I remember your forum name. I'll get a pic up manana.