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I bought my 14 Cummins Tradesman new and after about a year I took the plunge and put a carli suspension under it along with a Leer camper shell. I've been enjoying it ever since.
So much to like with your truck! Are those 37's on there? If so, what do you do with your full size spare?

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2013 2500 Laramie, PPEI Tuned, 5" Flo Pro, 17'' Method NVs, 35x12.5-17 Nitto EXO Grapplers, Carli Control Arms, Thuren Coils, Fox Resi Shox, Thuren Sway Bar, Thuren Track bar, Airlift 5000, Putco Nite Lux headlights. Carli Deavers weren't on in this pic and I do have a cap on it. Ill try to find more pictures to post. The last pic is when I had the AEV wheels. those were before the Methods

What height coils in the front? Any lift in the rear? I have a 2014 3500 that I want to do the same tire wheel setup on and really like your stance.


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In those pics there is no lift to the rear and the bags have no air in them, i have the 3" coils in the front on 35s. I have a full size matching spare in the bed of the truck.


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Thank you! Yes they are 37's. I don't have a full size spare, it makes me a little nervous sometimes but I risk it anyway
37's look great. Really want to put some on my 04 2500 but for me I would want to regear and many other things to make it all work well.

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Bought this yesterday. One owner, 2007, 4WD, Laramie edition, 5.9L Cummins, 6-spd manual, 106k miles. Later this year it will get a flatbed and XPCamper V1 on its back, and the truck will be built for off-roading. Then the real adventure will begin!

If anybody local needs an 8' longbed, or 7 wheels and tires, let me know!

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Beefing up jefe's Gen II drivetrain

Mike @ truck camper adventure magazine TCAM rolled out my camper specific drivetrain article earlier this month. With a truck camper in the bed the weight on the rear axle can tax your tires/wheels/suspension to the max. What to do?
For those with a GEN II Dodge you may be able to pick up something in there that you can use. I would have made it a thread on here but it had too many pix for the EXPO protocol. regards, jefe (Señor double tracción)


for a short clip, click on thumb and turn up the sound to hear the iconic Gen II Cummins Death Rattle on the shakedown cruise:



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2016 Dodge RAM-5.7l HENI--NEW CAI

:sombrero: I just installed a new VARARAM CAI-

They've been used on Corvettes for many years and with success, so

there's a significant difference in sound and I can't feel any HP diff. in normal driving, but the EVIC shows an immediate increase in gas mileage-

I won't know the actual increase until I take a trip and do the actual gas/miles calc.


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My 2006 CTD, 6 speed, 72k miles, 34" Toyo mtr on 2012 wheels.

My project, 1965 W200 Sweptline Power Wagon. I'm in the process of a complete frame-off resoration/ update.


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Heres a few shots of my 04.5 CTD 6 Speed NV5600.
Stock suspension 285/75 Toyo ATIIs, wheels are AEV Salta HDs
Just picked up FWC camper a few weeks ago

Serves some double duty