Full length rack noise

Funny I bought my FRontrunner rack 2nd hand and the chap had this al checkerplate faring on it.. I thought it was a bit ugly so I took it off and got such a fright how loud it was I thought my roof was tearing off haha. So I made some cosmetic mods so it would fit under the rack and follow the roof line and added some rubber edge trim, happy with results and whisper quite again.
Ps think my noise issues more to do with excessive gear on roof heehee

Before: 5D543474-7244-46E8-A99F-38002D8C2B1A.png
After: 7260D677-10DB-42F7-9168-DCE9E99B3788.jpeg 351D0955-6D1F-4FCF-9F66-A6579A3086E2.jpeg
Has it caused any paint damage? The FR kit came with a clear strip to "protect the paint". I didn't install it, just seems like something that will come off and leave a sticky dirty residue (like stickers that people rip off...)

Great looking work!
I've had a front runner rack on my LR3 for several years and I agree they are great racks w/ a ton of nice accessories available, but they are noisy. However, they have just released a new wind fairing for them-I have one in a box sitting here in my office as I haven't even had time to open and install it- can't wait to try it.


There were enough positive comments from LR3 owners that I know frequent the site that I got mine .. it just came today and I was not home 10 minutes before lying down on my roof rack inside the garage to mount it up. Actually doing from inside the vehicle with a helper on the outside is the way to go.

I can say the rover has not been quieter than it was when I put put 2 canoes up there. A noticeable difference at all speeds above 50mph, I can hear the engine again. Maybe my Circa 2008 stock Bluetooth is useable while on the highway. I was playing with decibel meter before and after. Maybe 3-5db ay 70mph and more like 5-7db when the sunroof is open. I had rendered the sunroof useless and might just crank up the heat and leave sunroof open because I can.

I wonder if I should remove or relocate the under rack faring piece that came with the rack to another location.
The under rack fairing thing is in my garage loft. Removed it as it wasn’t needed, and tbh, a bit crap anyway.

I can drive around with sunroof up and heat on without being deafened.