Full length rack noise

I'm surprised it took FR this long to make a fairing, I'm also amazed that it took them this long to come up with this one! Lol.......

On a side note, I watch Andrew's video, and I love the guy, but he's as bias as it gets on certain things. I agree with most of what he says but to make putting an eyelet in that problematic makes him look jaded IMO. Not to mention I can run as many eyelets as I want at any time and part of a load plan is the "Planning" part of laying it out and strapping it down. I also do not seem to have the same problems he does with straps or bungees on my rack, so maybe my rack is defective because I know how to use a hook strap....lol

On that note, I agree with him on everything when it comes to feet and mounting. The more I use my rack, the more I do not like the FR mounting system to my Disco 3. My rack does move with weight on it, and I know the RhinoRack moves as well with weight on it.....the lateral sway from plate mounts. I also wish my rack was a tad wider so when I turn my RTT folding forward, it doesn't overhang the sides.

I remember looking into Tracklander a long time ago, and they were not and still are not a mountable option on a D3 unless you want to go custom....in which case the mounting is 100% on us.
Does EZ-Awn make a rack mounting kit for D3?

I do love the Prospeed rack, but I do find fault in one aspect of it like the openness that requires some mesh if I want a walk on the roof. That is the only thing I do not like about it and it can be easily overcome.

Ahhhhhhhhh, the dilemma! Until then, I stick with my FR, and I try not to load it more than I need too.

Happy packing and Rover On my friends, Rover On!
Prospeed makes rack flooring sections that are vacuum formed and very strong. We have a complete rack, Ladder, and flooring section new in box at our shop. If you want to swing by and see it in person you are more than welcome to.
When I looked at the ps flooring I was not impressed with the value compared to cost (but I was in Abu Dhabi looking at it online vice in person). I'd be interested in perspectives on how good it is-and if its so good as to be worth more than a couple of pieces of easily modifiable chicken coop flooring and some runners underneath to limited flex.
So, we bought a Prospeed and cut sections of FarmTek chicken coup flooring. After installation the weight of a 175 pound man was making the section sag to the point of touching the glass panoramic sunroof. So then we attached heavy duty cable ties all along the edges, to the point of overkill and it flexed more than was comfortable. Fabbed up metal runners would probably make the chicken coup acceptable, but now you are into RM cost, Fab time, and powder coating to make it clean, probably as much or more as the PS flooring.

Although the Prospeed flooring is expensive, it is very thick and incredibly rigid for vacuum formed plastic. I will say its a little more slippery than I would like, but nothing some strips of 3M anti slip didn't fix.
So I think maybe I didn't overengineer this. I bought two pieces of farmtek ($90) and about $30 worth of steel, drilled holes, and painted them black. Put those down and then bolted the flooring on top.

Haven't touched it since then.

I wouldn't say it approaches either one piece of flooring, nor a custom rack.

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Didn't take any as I did it, at least not close ups (all covered in my build thread), mainly b/c I didn't think anything of it. Here's what it looks like day to day. Rotopax mounts are gone now but otherwise the same.
2017-10-14 11.13.51.jpg fullsizeoutput_1db4.jpeg
The three runners (two thin, one thick down the center) are sufficient to hold everything we've put up there-including us-without touching the glass. Distant shot, but folks get the point. At the end of the day for me what it comes down to is 90% of the time I don't carry anything on the roof-and for that the prospeed is the rack befitting the truck. I say that having had a frontrunner-which was great for the 10% of the time. In the end, as folks like Vijay know from sidebars, I firmly believe that choosing a rack is a buy once/cry once proposition that should balance out intended usage (and frequency), what aesthetically befits the truck, and of course the cost-but any rack is an investment so that can be a false economy at times when you shake it all out.

But I may well think too much and end up in self-inflicted rabbit holes.