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I did some searches on here and couldn't find what I was looking for. If I missed the official "Fuel Transfer Thread", please point me in the right direction!

I am looking for a way to transfer fuel from a fuel can (RotoPax in my case) to my truck without getting gas all over my hands, the side of the truck ect. Also, not bursting into flames would be nice!

I tried one of those handpumps from Auto Zone and while it works better than the safety siphon that comes with most fuel cans, it tends to spray gasoline everywhere and the handle (and my hand) end up getting soaked in gasoline.

I've seen a couple things online and I was hoping I might get some feedback on these and other solutions. It would be great to have something non electrical, actually a hand pump that didn't leak like crazy would be ideal...

Battery Operated (Looks cheap and kinda shady)

RC Fuel Pump (Low Volume and Expensive)

Self Priming Siphon (Shaken not Sucked?)

12V Transfer Pump (Overkill? Safe for Gasoline?)



A super siphon works great.

x3, the Super Siphon is the way to go. The higher you elevate the fuel can, the better it works. You can also buy extensions for the hose, or make your own with a male by male hose barb fitting and some extra hose.

i actually used mine last week at work to transfer a drum of hydrochloric acid into a chemical tank. I figured it would be toast after that, but it didn't appear to have any damage. So it's definitely chemical resistant!
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I used a super siphon off a ebay for $12 shipped. Used it transfer fuel from nato cans straight into tank filler using an extension. Practice in water first but they work really well.


What could go wrong?
I don't know if you can pour a can into the tank, or if you have to transfer it.
I've used the standard ECO spout from Rotopax to pour fuel from their 4 Gallon can into my Bronco a couple of times. I was actually impressed with how well it worked, and it didn't leak at all.


$12.00 shipping is too much, Pep-Boys and Harbor Fright both sell them for less then $10.00


I've got a harbor fright handpump/siphon combo thingy, works well enough for the cost ($10?) Since my main tank is in the quarter panel, I can't really siphon without putting the jerry can on the roof, and I try to avoid that much lifting. I also keep an electric fuel pump for a spare, along with a few feet of hose and wire. It's a slower method, but I'm not often in a hurry.


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