Fuel can ?


That fuel can looks like a wedco...they are very good cans in my opinion I have eight of them myself, 6 fuel 2 water. When you buy them new you can order the spout as well,it clamps on. If you buy that one and they dont have a spout you can get them at expedition exchange. Wedco cans are metal just so you know.


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These might be wedcos but are different than the normals ones you see. I believe this are type V and have the round opening. Current Wedco are S type and have the trapezoidal opening.

I could be backwards on the type naming. Either way it would not be a problem as long as you always get the same one. Generator Joe used to have a write up on this.

Even though these are cheap, to fight this Type problem I would just get ones from RoversNorth or Atlantic British.

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Nice cans but....

"Used, in very good condition, quantities are limited."

I think I would stay away unless I could see it in person before I bought it...


I'm not sure they are fuel cans as I have one that came with my unimog when I bought it. Mine has a white lining and a red "rubber" seal in it. I also have bought 2 fuel cans with the normal size/shaped spout on them and the lining is a reddish color with black rubber(viton) seals. The 2 fuel cans also have FEUERGEFAHRLICH (?) on them and my other one does not. I have a swiss unimog and the 2 fuel cans are swiss also. I can only guess as to the original owner of the can that came with it. I'll have to guess Swiss as they(unimog's) come with one from most importers. I'm no expert on the subject but everyone has to drink and I don't see any other style of water cans for sale on the surplus market. Look at sceptre they make a fuel and water can. Even the old metal military fuel and water can. The metal water can is alot less prevalent on the market than the fuel can is. I'm not too sure I would order them for a water can, if that is what they are.

c johno

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I bought 4 today for $ 64. They are new and unused. I doubt I could have bought 1 from some place else and had it shipped for much less. Will post pictures if requested.

c johno

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I'll use them for fuel maybe for water for the truck. I hope to go to central america one day I'm sure they will come in handy.