FS Yeti 400 Power Units-SOLD OUT


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We are selling the following power units. Never used and un-opened (excess inventory that we recently discovered)

P/N Yeti 400
Portable Power Station
Price: $175.00 each excludes shipping ($450 Retail)
Location: Wisconsin
QTY 10 in stock

The units will need replacement battery as they have been sitting in storage without charge. Please factor this into the purchase. Battery replacements can be found online such as https://www.amazon.com/Mighty-Max-Battery-Generator-Product/dp/B00XMSPPPM.

Please PM if interested. I can calculate shipping charges with a zip code.


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New member
shipping to 32750? Also I am finally mounting the James Baroud RTT I bought from you a couple of years ago at a great price also. Thanks, Geoff.

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I got two. Great condition. Batteries were dead and didn’t hold a charge, but that was expected. Good deal either way!!

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