FS Tucson AZ: Fiberglass CVT Mt Baker Hard shell RTT w/ solar


Hey all,

Up for sale is my entire camp set up. Its served will for 2 years, well over 100, maybe 150 nights. Only very small couple wear spots detailed below.

CVT Mt Baker:
This is Circa 2018 fiberglass unit. It replaced a generic brand ABS wedge style tent I had, which was ironically the same exact ABS tent that CVT now sells as the Mt Baker. I can tell you 100% that this fiberglass generation is MUCH better all around in construction, fit, etc. This older fiberglass generation is also superior, in my opinion, due to the increased height/volume in the back, allowing a lot of storage for pillows, bedding, clothes, etc. Was $2800+tax+delivery

  • 80/20 cross bars bolted to the bottom of the tent to reinforce the base for use with the Front Runner quick release mounts below
  • all metal zipper pulls cut off and replaced with cord style pulls (no more jingling in the wind)
  • 1 month old Renogy 175W flexible solar panel affixed with commercial automotive grade 3M double sided tape, with any corner gaps sealed with clear silicone
  • includes a spare pair of ratchet straps in case one ever breaks off
  • new ratchet straps replaced on the back for retaining tent closed

  • scratches, rubs, etc from brush
  • a small impact repair on the front right wall of the base, about the size of a pencil eraser
  • a couple of the zipper pulls have come off
  • the spring poles don't keep much spring so you need to straighten them back out after use and they don't keep the awning very taught
  • some color stains from bugs on the front
  • $2400 $2200 with solar
  • $2500 $2300 with solar and quick release mounts below
  • $2850 with solar and Awning
  • $2900 package for everything (solar, QR mounts, awning)


Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mounts SOLD
Powder coating has been worn off at contact points, latch locks are a little sticky. $300 new.

Asking: $150 SOLD

Rhino Rack Batwing 270 awning Left hand SOLD

Literally brand new cover installed the same day I took the awning off my vehicle.

  • One small hole in canvas near one of the support arms, about the size of a fine tip sharpie point
  • Leg feet are a little loose so I don't personally trust them to hold the awning down in strong wind when staked through the feet. I usually just run a guy line instead
Asking: $550 including 6 or so spare arm joints SOLD
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Any plans to be out East in December or January? I live in Michigan but I’m heading to Florida in January. Arizona is a little out of the way.

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