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I've been pondering this all summer and i have decided to let it go.

I'm selling my used roof top tent i purchased about 2 years ago from expedition portal's classified section. I have used it about 6 times with several of them being extended (3-5 day) trips.

It's made by a company called CampaUSA who makes camping trailers. It was originally designed to fit on a trailer. New it was a $4,000 tent (wow!). I have the changing room (which you can see in the pictures does not reach the ground on my truck) and the floor for the changing room. Also, i purchased a 4 inch thick memory foam mattress from walmart and cut it to size to fit in. It's comfy!! I will toss it in with it if you want it.

I have been pleased with the tent. There is a lot of room in it. You can fit two very comfortably with room to spare. I turned it around so that the changing room covers the rear hatch of the cruiser but it can be situated any way. This gives me a great place to cook and take care of business if i need to get out of the wind, rain or just need privacy. The only thing i'm aware that it needs is a longer ladder, unless you put it on a shorter vehicle or a trailer. I have seen the longer telescoping ladders at lowes or walmart for around $125. I personally have just been tossing my spar tire down on the ground and resting the ladder on it. Works fine.

Dimensions: packed up for driving it is 48 inches x 48 inches x 14 inches tall (that is with the foam mattress folded up inside).

Condition: The tent is in great condition. What i have done is to take seam seal and seam seal every seam. I'm glad i did because over the weekend i was camping on the beach and a storm rolled in and DUMPED rain on me for the entire night. I stayed completely dry. The travel bag has one of the zippers that has broken. I still have the box that i ordered the bag from so i feel confident you can send it back and they will fix it.

I will also sell my ARB roof rack that i have cut down to fit the tent on (meaning i cut the upper rail off and bent it down at the front). I will sell them separate. I must sell the tent before i will sell the rack!

Located in NC 27262

Roof Rack: Asking $350

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Let me know if the sale falls through. I am in Georgia but am coming to NC next week on business.

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I am in NC 28277 and interested in tent and rack (interested in rack even without tent). Let me know after all above settles.