FS: (SOLD) AT Overland Combo Slide, Partner Steel JK Stove, and Windshield



Selling my AT Overland Combo Slide with the Partner Steel JK Stove and the windshield. I bought this from an Expo member about 2 years ago and had plans for it but the project never came to fruition so I just went with a different setup. It's in great condition, slides are smooth & strong and the stove fires right up. Comes with the propane regulator hose as well. Previous owner drilled some holes to mount an ARB fridge otherwise it'll fit certain ARB, NL and Engel fridges. The only issues are cosmetic. The tray that holds the PS JK Stove has some staining and scuffs but I'm sure it'll come out or look much nicer with a little Bar Keepers Friend. Likewise the PS JK Stove has some scuffs too but again that's really just regular wear on the metal itself. I gave everything a good wipe down with some simple green.

Selling for $800 locally in Boise, ID. Not shipping at this time due to weight. Same setup right now on AT Overlands site is $1412



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Interested in the combo slide if you willing to ship and separate from the stove.

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