FS: Selling my ExPo built Nissan Pathfinder in SoCal


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Arguably the most popular R50 Nissan Pathfinder on the Internet. It has a complete build thread right here on ExPo that I started 7yrs ago (link in my signature). A definite attention getter and conversation starter in parking lots, gas stations etc. For the past 7 years this truck has taken my family and I on several dozen off-the-beaten path adventures as well as some gnarly off-road trails across the US without a breakdown. Too much to list and hundreds of photos/info available but here are the highlights:

- Currently 149,800 miles and still being driven (lots of these trucks are running around with 250k miles on them)
- Built for long expeditions and adventures, everything tastefully done. Nothing over the top or obnoxious.
- Lifted
- BFG KM2 mud-terrain tires with less than 13k miles on them
- ARB air locker
- Re-geared differentials
- Custom front bumper with winch (synthetic rope!)
- Custom rear bumper with a swing arm
- Sliders, skid plates
- Rear custom storage drawer platform to store camping gear and tools
- Roof rack with storage for recovery gear and a small solar panel
- ARB awning
- Lots of spare parts (sensors, hoses etc)
- No issues that I'm aware of other than a small valve cover oil leak. However, of course like any used car it's on an as-is basis.
- Priced to sell - I could not find any comparable vehicles in this price range

Expo price: $10,999 (listed higher on craigslist)




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Oh man! Bump for a quality rig. Stoic is one of those rare folks with a lift in his garage and takes meticulous care of his toys. GLS. What’s next?


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Thanks so much guys - I'm humbled by your words and support!

I'm actually not in a rush to sell it but since my kid will start driving in a few more months I figured I might need to shop for a daily driver for myself (since my current DD will get passed down). Another option is to just hang on to the Pathy and drive it daily :)


Your build thread was instrumental in my decision to reinvest in my own R50. I had owned mine from ‘02 and had grown tired of it. I stumbled across your thread and it reinvigorated my interest. TownDawgR50 & hawairish on NPORA then helped walk me through it to the truck I have today & my renewed love for it.

You have a beautiful truck & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the build thread. I highly recommend & request that you keep the thread in ExPo for others to find, read, learn & gain inspiration! (Personally, I’d just keep it if I were you)


I had a first Gen (2dr) Pathfinder a couple of decades ago (ouch, that hurt to say). Was seriously bummed by the 2nd generation Pathfinders when they came out, written off as another truck turned 'grocery getter' tall station wagon. But I have to say you have a really nice build, looks very capable, and I'm sure will make someone very happy. Bump for a nicely built, outside of the Overland Thinking box, rig..

(was hoping to check out your build thread, but the link appears to be dead)

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