FS - Northern Lite 6'10" Cabover - 1996 - Fits Tacoma - $8,500 Northern California


FS - Northern Lite 6'10" Cabover - 1996 - Fits Tacoma - $8,500 Northern California



We are selling our 6'10" Northern Lite camper.

100% Fiberglass Shell. Light and Durable!
Condition: Very good, (interior and exterior have no issues)
Weight: 1,050 (dry)
Sleeps: 2 and your dog.
Accessories: Sink, Stove, Fridge, Fan, cassette toilette, furnace / heater
Camper Jacks: comes with it
No mold, leaks, tears, water damage, etc.

What we have added:
House battery in inside.
Power connection via Marinco plug,
Roof Rack
Grey water container that fits between camper and truck bed
Dog hair: We have a yellow lab.
Memory foam: Came with it when we bought it. We never used it but will include in sale.
Converted interior lights to LED
Side window AC mod. We used this while dessert camping. Can't travel with it set up.
Torklift Tiedowns in front for a 2005 - ??? Tacoma. Included in sale if you have a Tacoma.
Water valve to the back corner. This allows you to access your fresh water from the outside + drain your tank more easily.

This is what is not perfect:
Fridge: I only got it to work on propane, not on electric. Not sure if it was my sloped driveway or ? Works as it should on propane
Propane tank: Old school. We got it filled by noting it was for welding. You should upgrade the valve
Roof Rack: I bumped my garage roof. Minor damage but works as it should. You could bend it back and re-weld pretty easily. Zoom in on the back passenger side and you might be able to see it. No damage to camper
Camper Jack brackets: Some of the screws are stripped. I assume there is a metal piece behind the fiberglass. I believe you could use a larger bolt and take care of the issue
Cracks do show in the clear coat.
We had to raise the bed about 2 inches with some 2x6's to have it fit in my 2006 Tacoma.

What we really like about this camper:
Bed is always set up. No need to pull it out or push it in. This was one of our pet peeves in our 4WC
No top to pop: It's more stealth and feels a bit safer and is warmer and more quiet.

I'll be posting more pics, (these are "action shots") It's been raining like crazy and we haven't had the time to clean it + take some interior photos. I'll update when time / weather allows.

The basic layout hasn't changed since ours was built. This shows dimensions, etc. http://www.northern-lite.com/truck_camper_lite_610.php

We carried this with our 2006 Tacoma. I added airbags and was comfortable on the highway moving at 65. I'm a pretty slow driver in general. You might drive faster but I wouldn't tell you to.

We are located in Northern California in Grass Valley. About an hour from Sacramento.

Price: $8,500 Cash only. No trades. (We just bought our replacement camper)

If you have general questions, please ask through this thread so the public can read.

Message me with your phone number if you would like to talk: matthewpconnelly "at symbol" gmail.


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