FS, New in box: Atlas II Transfer Cases 3.0:1


I have a few Atlas II transfer cases new in box for sale. Changed course on a big project and no longer have an immediate use for these. Would rather see them get used than sit around my shop.

-Trail series, 3.0:1 reduction
-Driver side drop
-Ford 31 spline input shaft
-Flange yoke outputs
-Sight tube option
-Speedo hole plug kit
-Universal shifter kit

Unused, never mounted.

$2450 each plus shipping.

Atlas front.JPG

Atlas back.JPG

Atlas kit 1.JPG

Atlas kit 2.JPG

These could be converted over to a number of different transmission configurations pretty easily. You can buy the parts from Advanced Adapters to swap input shafts and they have multiple adapter housings that work with these.

I also have an adapter housing and input shaft to convert one of these into a GM 6L90/6L80 29 spline compatible unit. $250
6L90 adapter.JPG