FS: MFC - Govt Liquidators


Looks a lot like one plastic can and five pallets of metal ones.

I have about 50 metal NATO ones that I'll sell for a profit. $6 each.

as is where is. (read guaranteed leaky)
$5 per unit discount for pick up.
Shipping available but slow and expensive.


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The 2 tri-walls (white boxes) are filled with plastic cans. Some entrepreneur could make some dough off these...

Spray-paint a compass rosette on the side and call them ExPo cans. :wings:


The steel cans appear to all be water cans. On the liquidation web site manifest they list two types of plastic, MIL-C-4316 TYPE 1 and MIL-C-4316D Type 2. Clicking on the NSN link for each of these leads to a description that calls them water cans.

The closeup photo of the tan fuel can shows a p/n of MIL-C-53109 which is obviously different from the part numbers listed for the plastic cans.

Be a shame to buy them, travel all the way Georgia (unless you are already there) to find you now own 200+ MWCs.