FS: Fantastic Fan Vent, spare water/fuel can holder, and horizontal propane tank


I recently replaced the vent that came with my FWC with a powered unit. The vent fits a standard vent/fan opening and is in good shape. No leaks, no cracks, and the bottom/interior plastic piece is unused (i was able to re-use the pre-cut piece that came with the camper) $15.


The previous owner of the camper had this can holder mounted to the rear of the camper. I won't be using it, and it's taking up space. $25.


The propane tank is a 20 lb model again off of my FWC. No rust, has OPD valve, perfectly functional. These things usually retail for $150+. I'd take $60 for it local pick-up only.


I could ship the vent and the can holder on purchasers dime however I'd prefer local sales or to meet somewhere. All items are in Flagstaff, AZ. I'd be willing to meet in Prescott in the beginning of November, or between Flagstaff and Hailey, ID at the end of November/beginning of December.

Also, not necessarily overland related, I have a pair of Black Diamond Tele boots for sale here

send all interest to westhowland at gmail dot com