FS: DFW, TX - F250/350 adjustable height bed rack/tent platform - $200 OBO

$200 OBO

Custom made adjustable height 6’ bed rack. I used it for my 4 person CVT Mt. McKinley. Made of thick walled 2”x2” square tube and vertical sleeves are made from thick walled 2.5”x2.5” square tube. Fits snuggly on the inside edge of the bed using angle iron and clamps. Planned to powder coat it but I left it raw until I knew I was done tweaking it or adding things here or there. I have 2001 f250 4x4 and the platform when fully elevated sits 6’ in the air. The lowest setting has the platform sitting a few inches above the bed sides so you can reach into the bed. The expanded metal on the rack was our “balcony” when elevated and then used to carry luggage when lowered and traveling.

It is a two person job installing/removing but a single person can handle it once it’s in the truck bed. Attaches to sides of truck bed via clamps. I did not want to drill holes in my truck. Clamps work great plus the rack fits snuggly so no shifting while traveling.

Legs have captive nuts and holes to lock legs in place at the lowest and and fully extended positions using stainless hex head bolts. Also has trailer hitch locks in order to lock the rack in position and another lock to lock your tent to the rack.

Rack elevates using power drill and scissor jack which is welded to bottom of platform. Easy to raise and lower.

Figured someone may want this if not I’ll scrap it. The platform could probably easily carry an ATV or be used in a work truck. I prefer to pass it along as it is well made and incredibly sturdy.


Thanks gentlemen. It’s a fantastic starting point for someone.

Vintage racer - I’ll text you and feel free to call me at your convenience.

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