FS: Brand New Rhino Rack Left Batwing Awning + Awning Extension

Selling a brand new Rhino Rack Left Batwing Awning.

Will post photos but it is brand new direct from Rhino Rack.

(1) Part#33100 Left Batwing Awning: $749.00 (includes universal mount brackets, everything needed)
(1) Part# 31101 Rhino Rack Awning Extension Wall: $171 (perfect to block sun/rain, only bought 1 wall so I could save money and just move it around the batwing to block sun/rain based on wind direction)
(1) Rhino Rack Batwing Spare Awning Clip Replacements: $15
$60 in shipping Fedex
Total: $995

$750 for all of it.

Located in North Jersey but can assist in meeting for serious buyers.


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$750. No use, don't want it taking up anymore space!

Brand new! Awning side extension, replacement parts FOR FREE! $180 in free items.
I do, but the shipping box was slightly torn on the corner from shipping. I contacted Rhino Rack direct upon receiving the product before I opened it to make them aware INCASE their was any damage but no damage was done. They stated this happens alot due to the weight of the awning in shipping.
Only thing is that the box would not be used to re-ship, I wouldn't feel comfortable using it as I always over pack items when I ship to ensure safe arrival with zero damage. @Offrdin4fun

@GonzoShinyPants sent you a PM. Thank you.
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I'll take that package deal. Are you available to meet on Sunday? I am located Zack In Havre De Grace Maryland, would you be willing to meet somewhere in the middle of us?
@Baltimorejake unfortunately i'm working all weekend, so I cannot.

I'd be happy to meet in the middle with a deposit (not driving 4 hours roundtrip to have someone arrive and say no thanks... i've had this happen in the past with a bike and told myself i'd never go out of my way again on just someone's word) and a few extra in fuel burn fee's. I'm already losing $200, for me to drive to Central/South Jersey and back is going to be close to $40-$50 in fuel + half a day time.


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@SuburbanLife the above logic works both ways for all concerned party's. I have driven multiple hours to meet people that led me to believe something that was not true in the past with equipment deals. You have to have a little faith in this community, I sent you my cell # in the PM yesterday contact me via the cell. I am serious about the deal..........


You might adjust your pricing. Amazon has the left side Batwing at $674.. and Auto Everything is selling the right side for $584.
Yeah, but are they including the $171 extension side for the Batwing and $15 spare replacement parts for the $674 price?
Basically my price is for someone interested in buying a complete package deal at a discount.

Guess, got screwed buying direct from RhinoRack on the price but piece it was piece of mind in case I had any warranty issues.

As stated above in my discount price on April 19, $750 for everything. If not, i'll keep it and try running it later this summer on my other vehicle for fun. @Luke111