FS: Black Pine Turbo Tent 4-Person Deluxe - Santa Monica - $400


Aw man, that is a steal for this tent. I have the larger version and love it, but it's a beast. If mine didn't already take up so much space I'd really want this smaller one.
I have this exact tent & love it. To me, it's worth the space it takes up in the back of my Land Cruiser. Bump for a great tent!

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I was interested in getting something a little larger to work well with a cot, but this might just work for me.

I'm local, what gun stuff are you interested in? Perhaps we can work out some kind of a trade.


It works with cots. I run two REI cots in it with the feet of the cots at the door. Plenty of room for two cots with gear underneath and a dog between the cots.

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