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Watching you from a ridge
I'll leave this up for archival purposes, the new owners have just driven out, and the rigs new home will still be west of the Rockies.

Congratulations to the new owners too, and please take good care of her, she's a special rig. (yep....I'm in a maudlin mood after watching her drive off. sigh.)

Location: West of the Rockies

Description: 2016 EarthCruiser FX coach on 2012 FUSO FG 4x4 chassis, heavily optioned out.

Price: $210,000., $200,000.00
5/28/2018 Update: Lowered the price quite a bit, we're getting close to heading out of state and it would be much easier for me to sell sooner, rather than having to fly back to meet with prospective buyers.
4/26/2018 Update: Heading up to Los Angeles for a Webasto maintenance and service early next week. Replaced cracked rear turn signal lens with a new one, new blowby filter installed.
4/14/2018 : Just returned from a 1,765 mile trip up to Bend, EarthCruiser Headquarters, and had some small issues taken care of under warranty – a reading lamp that didn't turn on in all modes, minor interior finish issues, etc.
Trades? Maaaaaaaybe…negotiable as long as it’s an SBU Unimog DoKa, any and all configurations considered, but I’ll be more interested in a regular work truck with a dropside flatbed configuration.

Why the heck are we selling?: We've used this camper, had quite a bit of fun with it and seen some amazing places. However, we're doing an international move and we're not going to be able to take the FX with us, unfortunately. In addition our new place will need a more off road oriented rig, capable of carrying building materials, firewood, fording deep rivers, etc. So...it's time to let some other lucky owner have some great experiences in the outdoors with #20. If we were staying, you bet we'd retain this rig....

Mileage is 50,146 miles as of the beginning of April, but it’ll be a bit more by the time it’s sold, as we’re still using the rig while we can. This rig is no longer in factory warranty, but being a commercial chassis still has plenty of life left.

Built on a Mitsubishi FUSO Canter 4×4 chassis in 2016, the only available forward control commercial medium duty truck in the USA. Well cared for, and completely up to date on all maintenance, with all maintenance records. All work done by FUSO certified service locations (except for easily accessible things like the air filter, etc). Currently has approximately 50,000 miles (approximately due to the fact we’re still using the rig, mileage will gradually increase), with all of them in North America, and the majority on road miles. Never any hard off roading. All systems are still in excellent condition.

Chassis just had the 50k mile service, with:
  • All fluids replaced (all oils, transmission fluids, coolant, etc)
  • Belts replaced
  • Hubs cleaned, inspected and regreased
  • Wheel bearings cleaned, inspected and regreased
  • Front Birfield joints cleaned, inspected and regreased
  • U-joints cleaned, inspected and regreased
  • Hub gaskets replaced
  • Brakes inspected and cleaned
We purchased this rig after several years of research, and also doing quite a bit of custom work, designing the exterior roof rack, front bumper and front brush guards for the cab and grill, additional sound insulation for the cab, new suspension and tires and wheels, off road lighting, etc. (Bumpers and roof rack/brush guards done by Aluminess, on a semi-custom basis).

We bought the original 2012 chassis with an eye towards building a camper body on it. While doing research, EarthCruiser introduced their new FX series of camper bodies, enabling better four season capability, headroom, dust control and security, than their initial offering, the EXP. We opted for the FX over the EXP (more headroom!). We’re the original owners, and now it’s time for it to go on further adventures with a new family.
We’ve used the camper over the past two years, traveling all over the Western United States, and having a grand time doing so. California to Washington, out to the Rockies, down to New Mexico, Texas and all points in between.

My basic focus on this build was to make an extremely capable vehicle for mild to medium off road environments, capable of sitting on one site for weeks at a time, acting as a base camp, and always being able to get out if need be. I never had any thoughts of doing any extreme off roading, but if I'm sitting in the middle of Nevada, having a good time, and a few storms kick up that turn the route into mush, I want to be able to still traverse those areas with little trouble. Another issue was vehicle size - smaller is better in many areas, and the total footprint of this rig is about as small as you can get, while keeping capacities and capabilities.

This FX was purchased with every available option (actually, come to think of it, that’s incorrect. We didn’t get the carpet runner. ..) when new, plus was the first truck that had some of the more hard core options installed (front and rear 16.5k winches, anyone?) .

(Those ATW wheels and tires, by the way, are long gone. We decided to opt for the EarthCruiser wheels and tires, the ATW wheels and tires worked fine, but were very heavy and not as pliable as the EarthCruiser offering. Potentially more durable, but the ride definitely suffered with the ATW/Toyo setup.)

Cab is tiltable for ease of maintenance.
  • All current recalls and upgrades done by MITFUSO NA authorized service centers.
  • High efficiency Mitsubishi diesel engine, extremely quiet and well proven.
  • Mitsubishi Duonic semi-automatic transmission (functioning both as a fully automatic transmission, or manually controlled via manual mode shifter – extremely easy to drive for everyone to drive. No clutch pedal involved.)
  • Manual front hubs.
  • Custom Aluminess front bumper, with forward facing flood LED lights, and LED cornering lights, additionally was designed to enable mounting HF/VHF/Whip antenna on each side. Powder coated for durability.
  • Custom Aluminess roof rack and cab protection, with custom LED light bar mount, and with additional ladder/coach leading edge protection on both sides. Powder coated for durability.
  • High range gearing, better for on road travel to the trail head, but still quite functional for off road use. (reality is, in the USA most of your travel will be on the road. My feeling is that this gearing is pretty optimal for fuel economy, power while still retaining good off road performance)
  • Front differential locker from EarthCruiser, with rear factory limited slip.
  • Front 16.5k Warn winch with wireless controls, and backup wired controllers.
  • Rear 16.5k Warn winch – see how it was built by Vince at EarthCruiser (great job on it!)
  • Emergency winch power cut-off switches, easily accessible from driver side of the vehicle while operating winches from the outside.
  • ATW parabolic springs, Timbren bump stops on both front and rear axles.
  • Radflow EarthCruiser specced shocks
  • 16″ EarthCruiser wheels, custom powdercoated satin black
  • Toyo M/T tires, with approximately 5000 miles on them.
  • Full STAR/Xentry diagnostic system, sourced from MITFUSO NA (Panasonic Toughbook, software, interface, cables, and a custom Pelican case) (I believe this is still the only EarthCruiser in existence that carries the full MITFUSO diagnostic system on board – gives great piece of mind to be able to run diagnostics, do resets, or help another owner out while on the trail)
  • Twin spare tire mounts.
  • Additional Maxtraxx/tool rack/propane bottle mount (swap out one of the tire mounts, as needed)
  • EarthCruiser heavy duty rear bumper, with Class IV hitch receiver and integrated brake/turn/running lights.
Lighting on chassis:
  • Baja Designs 60″ ARC LED light bar (separately controlled - full power, dimmable and strobe mode)
  • Baja Designs 30″ LED light bar above front bumper (separately controlled- full power, dimmable and strobe mode )
  • Rigid flood lights in front bumper (separately controlled, linked to high beams)
  • Baja Designs trail/cornering lights in front bumper (linked to the Rigid flood lights, with both sets angled and designed to be used both for regular driving, and also slow speed maneuvering/campsite selection/work lighting/etc)
  • Rear red dust light/European fog light
Additional things:
  • 2 Maxtraxx recovery planks
  • Steinbauer engine module enabling higher horsepower and torque, controllable on/off from drivers position, and having the capability to select different power levels. (owner added item, not available from EarthCruiser)
  • Australian Hannibal Safari Sensatron Internal TPMS on all wheels (including both spares) , with in-cab monitor system. Two additional senders for a trailer, if needed. (owner added item, not available from EarthCruiser)
  • more listed in the "additional options" section below
Cab internal
  • Cab fully insulated and soundproofed with Dynamat lining
  • Cab (driver and co-driver) LED map and reading lights, touch sensitive and multi-level light intensity.
  • Cab appointed with custom leather spring ride suspension seats with seat heaters, adjustable for angle, fore/back, and suspension level.
  • Matching leather center console with integrated USB 2.0 outlets.
  • Hidden safe in cab for valuables/weapons, easily accessible from driver and co-driver positions.
  • Backup and forward facing mini cameras with in-cab display
  • Overhead storage for maps, reading material, etc.
  • Driver and co-driver entry grab handles for easier cab access.
continued on next post below (yeah, 10k character limit on the posts..ouch)
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Watching you from a ridge

Additional Options list as purchased from EarthCruiser:
  • EarthCruiser Radiator Protector – skid plate
  • Increased fuel capacity – 45 gallons
  • Full cabin sound insulation using DynaMat adhesive high density sound insulation.
  • Front Torsion Type differential locker
  • Water purification system, with the capability to draw water from external supplies and filter via onboard Seagull IV filtration system.
  • EarthCruiser suspension seats with heaters – driver and co-driver
  • Center console in cab with cup holders and storage compartment, USB ports, switches for heaters in the cab seats (yes, the cab seats are individually heated for those cold mornings!)
  • Privacy screens
  • Safe in center console
  • Electric awning option
  • Pull out pantry in plumbing cabinet.
  • Microwave recessed into ceiling
  • Additional set of speakers
  • Extra rear utility light
  • Two seat belts in dinette seats
  • Mud flaps on stairs
  • Shore power pigtail
  • Air compressor
  • Reading lights in cab
  • Forward facing camera
  • Additional towel rack
  • Bedside cabinet
  • DC air conditioner
  • Rear bumper mounted spare tire carrier
  • Secondary water tank – additional 38 gallons with heater
  • DC fans mounted in ceiling
  • Upgraded front Birfield joint rock guards
  • Extreme Outback oil less onboard air compressor, hose, dual outlets (one on each side, located in tool locker). Switched on and off from driver’s position.
  • All fiberglass and composite materials, extremely high quality moldings (think of a high end late model yacht or sailboat, and that’s exactly how it’s made).
  • Flooring is very heavy duty vinyl, single sheet, impact resistant, waterproof, and very easy to keep clean.
  • House access door is dust sealed, gasketed, capable of being locked to the outside while open, in addition has deadbolt and twin key lock.
  • House steps are retractable, lighted, with mud guard. Will automatically retract if ignition is engaged while the steps are extended.
  • 4 recessed 125W Solbian solar panels
  • Blue Sky solar controller/12v charge controller with automatic anti-sulfation functions.
  • 2000W Xantrex PROsine 2.0 inverter/charger
  • Marine-grade BEP systems control panel for managing power/water, utilizing owner configurable graphic readout panel, labeled and fully lighted circuit breaker/switches for the various house functions.
  • Two 270Ah Mastervolt AGM house batteries accessible from inside the house via floor access panel (540Ah total w/truck batts) (capable of being interlinked with chassis batteries for emergency starts, and capable of being charged from the vehicle engine by engaging a switch from the driver’s position)
  • 110/120 AC shore power charging pigtail
  • Webasto diesel-fired 2.9 gal water heater and for house heat
  • Two burner Webasto ceramic diesel-fired cooktop
  • Roomy 12 VDC stainless steel Isotherm refrigerator/freezer (works out of level)
  • Seagull IV X-1 water filtration system – can safely pump water from lakes and streams to produce potable water
  • Numerous 120 VAC, USB 2.0, and 12 VDC receptacles throughout house, cab, and external rear storage compartments. All 120 VAC outlets are GFI controlled units.
  • 950 watt Panasonic Microwave oven – ceiling mounted
  • Sun Power Technologies 6000BTU house air conditioner, with 4 outlets next to the bed. Multiple power and fan levels, with integrated thermostat
  • Two Sirocco 360° ceiling-integrated house fans, with timers and multiple power levels. Lockable in the retracted or deployed configuration
  • 8 Dometic™ windows in house –double insulated, privacy screen, insect screen, able to swing out for terrific ventilation if necessary. Lockable also
  • 360° adjustable dinette
  • Full size double bed, with custom 4″ foam pad on top
  • 2 drawers under bed, primarily used for clothing
  • Five drawer bedside cabinet
  • Eight kitchen/pantry drawers with pull-out pantry
  • Ample indoor storage drawers – three large storage compartments under the bed mattress, two large under bed storage drawers, additional dinette seat storage underneath
  • Twin onboard water tanks, individually selectable, or can be linked. One 40 gallon, and one 25 gallon tank. Both can be used during freezing temperatures by utilizing external heat via air or external tank heater
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
  • Retractable Thetford cassette toilet, with 6 gallon capacity cassette
  • Interior shower space is integrated with faucet/shower head, the retractable Thetford cassette toilet, integrated LED white/red light, and towel racks, along with storage for toiletries/shampoo/soap/etc. Utilizes a sliding translucent door to seal off shower space when necessary
  • 16 gallon gray water tank with main data panel water level readout
  • LED lighting throughout, area selectable and dimmable – over dinette, bed, cooking area. Plenty of light to read or work. Individual reading lights in the bed area, and cab
  • Large external-accessed storage compartments with lighting – one door on each side, with rear area of storage compartment having a large pass through area, suitable for skis, fishing rods, or anything else that’s long and bulky. Co-driver side door folds down, enabling it to act as a work bench, quick kitchen prep area, etc. (Freezer can be placed in the co-driver side compartment, faucet is right there, and entire area can be covered by the awning – makes food prep really easy!)
  • Tool lockers on both sides
  • Fiamma F65S power retractable awning on co-driver side, controlled from switch panel inside house
  • Fiamma F65S additional exterior room, attaches to the extended F65S awning, enables full room coverage and additional external square footage if necessary. Rain proof, wind proof, and somewhat dust proof.Buyer will be supplied with all subsystems documentation, EarthCruiser manual, FUSO FG manual, digital version workshop manual, and of course instruction in the various systems and capabilities of the rig. It’ll take a few hours for me to go over it with the new owner, and I’m always also available on the phone. Plus there’s a wonderful private EarthCruiser owners group that the new owner will be able to access online – great group of folks, and very helpful with answering any additional questions.


Watching you from a ridge
Additional options added by me, in search of more durability, utility, power and whatnot:
Factory Xentry/STAR system diagnostics, using a Panasonic ToughBook, proprietary MITFUSO Xentry software, interface unit, and correct cables. All housed in a heavy duty hermetically sealed and dustproof Pelican case. The XENTRY system will read codes, reset faults, diagnose different systems and give graphic aids, actuate sensors, relearn sensors that have been replaced, and generate full logs just like the factory service centers do. (Which it should be able to do, since it’s the identical system that the factory service centers use.) Note that, while there are some OBDII systems that can read some of the FUSO codes, to get the same function as the Xentry system you’ll have to find a commercial truck diagnostic system, not just a car/light truck OBDII reader.
Steinbauer engine module – from the experts in commercial engine power modules, Steinbauer. Potentially can give up to 20% more torque, with proper attention on how it’s used by the operator.
Sensatyre TPMS (sourced from Hannibal in Australia – very helpful folks, and this is one of the most popular systems in Australia for vehicles like this. Unfortunately not available in the USA, has to be special ordered). Set up for all wheels, both spares, and four trailer wheels.
Wheel lug nut indicators (quick and easy visual aid to find out whether or not you’ve got a lug nut loosening)
Fiamma F65S external room – makes a gigantic difference, I had to special order this direct from Italy. Took forever to get here, but makes a much more livable area, especially if you travel and hit inclement weather while needing to stay in a camp for a bit.
Custom, one-off Aluminess front bumper and brush guard (non-folding, so no one forgets to drop it down before tilting the cab). Custom lighting integrated, Rigid flood lights aimed forward, and Baja Designs lateral flood lights on each side. Gives absolutely terrific trail lighting when needed. I also opted to add two custom antenna mounts on the front bumper brushguard, for Ham, CB, etc radio antenna options.
Aluminess custom roof rack, access ladder and coach leading edge protection on both sides, also designed as a tropical type roof rack. Easily capable of being used as an elevated seating area too.
Twin mil-spec white, hermetically sealed, clamped storage containers for the roof rack.
Cobra CB radio for basic communications.

As to what’s wrong with the rig, and cosmetics that might need fixing:

There’s a rock ding on the windshield, lower quarter driver side, about the size of a dime. It was stabilized with a windshield repair epoxy within fifteen minutes of the hit, and hasn’t changed in years.

I have a cracked tail light lens, but a replacement is on the way (fixed).

Interior cab panels do have some use wear on them, but if need be the panels are inexpensive, and easily available through FUSO.

Two chips on the dinette table edge.

Passenger side rear cargo door has a scratch, on the inside - from moving the Dometic freezer in and out on it's sliding rack.

Just visited ECHQ, and the DualTop water/air heater will undergo some warranty work once the parts arrive. (last week of April will be heading up to Los Angeles to the certified Webasto maintenance center - All work completed under warranty, new fan, fan motor, motherboard, harness)

All repairs (windshield, etc) are being worked on, but if not complete and the buyer would like, price will of course be dropped to compensate.

Also, and just in case someone might have some allergies, this is a dog friendly camper rig too. Mina the Rhodesian Ridgeback has had quite a few miles under her collar, riding in style.

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Out of curiousity, where are you moving internationally that will require fording deep rivers and carrying building materials as a part of everyday life? Sounds pretty great. GLWS.


Watching you from a ridge
Out of curiousity, where are you moving internationally that will require fording deep rivers and carrying building materials as a part of everyday life? Sounds pretty great. GLWS.
Alaska - we're bound for the Great White North!


Watching you from a ridge
Throw in a bit more cash, and I'll throw in mine lol...that'll save me from having to drag it up North.

Then again, I'd probably just buy another one up there so....sigh.

Yeah, gotta post those pics, item ten thousand on the list. By this weekend for sure, I've penciled out tomorrow to do them if the light is good.


Watching you from a ridge

Those black splatters are a chain and cable lubricant/preservative

Forgot to add a quick note here, the InReach, iPad, HF radio and Ram mounts are not included

The Dometic fridge/freezer, however, is included with the rig. The sliding mount isn't permanently attached, it uses 3m adhesive tape, but it's been installed for quite a while now and hasn't given us any issues.

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Watching you from a ridge
Main floor headroom is 77", dinette step up is 71". I'm 74", never had any issues with headroom.

Comfortable cruising is 65mph, when necessary it'll keep up with faster traffic, but fuel mileage will suffer.

Last trip, heading up to Oregon from California on the 395, going through the high desert with a 20-40 mph headwind, we dropped down to 10.7 mpg, running it at 60-65mph. Normal driving speed for us is around 65mph, and we usually do 12-13 mpg. Dropping it down to 55mph will net around 14mpg. Reality is that on a trip, with hills, traffic, high and low speeds, dirt roads I normally plan our mileage at 12.5.