FS: 2015 Outback 3.6R Limited - Central Kentucky - $18.5k <Final Price Drop>


I'm selling our 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited with just under 138k miles. I am asking $19k <price reduced> $18,500 <final reduction>, with all of the parts included, and it is located in Georgetown, Kentucky. The Outback has a few door dings, but otherwise is in very good condition. Most of the mileage (over 134k) has been tracked on Fuelly.

I ordered this car new in January 2015, without sunroof and without Eyesight. My wife and I have been very happy with it and both love driving it. I've had some nice cars, but this ranks right up there as one of the best. I recently purchased a number of OEM parts to refresh the suspension (see list below, at bottom). A few parts were purchased as insurance so that I had them if they were discontinued. Not on the list are a new set of Rallitek 0.75" overload springs, new RSR Lowering Springs, Bilstein B6 struts, Whiteline +caster top hats, and Whiteline subframe bushing inserts. With different springs, these make great platforms for car camping. The 3.6L engine and HT-CVT make for a Lexus-like driving experience, as compared to Subaru's 4 cyl. offerings.

I've changed the oil (7 qt.) every 7k miles, with full synthetic. The CVT, which is quite acceptable in this application, has been drained and filled twice. Some other maintenance I've performed has been the front and rear differential fluid, spark plugs, multiple radiator drain and fills with OEM coolant, PCV filter, KYB Struts, and engine and cabin air filters. I've also installed a new OEM alternator when I thought the original had a failing bearing. That turned out to be the belt slipping on the idler pulley, so I have a used, but working OEM alternator as well. The OEM front brake pads still had life left when I replaced them at 124k miles. The rear pads didn't last as long as the fronts.

Modifications that I can remember: STI rear sway bar, new Diode Dynamics fog lights (OEM included), Nameless Strut bar, Perrin steering bushing lock, Husky all-weather mats, Proclip/RAM mount phone holder, and a 1.25" Ecohitch.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any additional pictures.

IMG_1331 by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
IMG_3763 by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
IMG_3733 by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
IMG_3861 by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
BKER3988 by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
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IMG_3267 by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
$1400 of OEM parts in garage.
Subaru Parts by Douglas Bunge II, on Flickr
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139k miles on the car now and last weekend I performed another CVT drain and fill.

On Thursday, I took a 407 mile business trip and I got 27mpg.


Still for sale?
Yes, it is still available. Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't receive a notification.

I just received some Rallitek 0.75”overload springs ($438) for it and was going to leave the car listed until I started turning wrenches on it.

The car now has 140k miles on it and I lowered the price to $18,500.

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